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Network Marketing is about adding value. To the end user, it improves the quality of their lives with alternative goods and services. To the Network Marketing expert, it gives them skills in communication and strategies on how to “speak right words” and “do trained things.” . This site is dedicated to adding value to people in all levels of network marketing from beginner to expert. Generating more leads, making more sales, signing up more reps in Network Marketing take dedication to time in developing skills. Dedicated solely to training, coaching and educating Network Marketers to be the top leaders and earners in their company, we wish to hone the skills in less time making it possible to build an empire.

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Values and Benefits Offered in Our Coaching and Training Program…


One of the biggest mistakes people make is approaching prospects or perfect strangers and immediately asking for their time and attention. In today’s environment, where anyone can claim being an authority or expertise, what separates the players from the pretenders is proof. By helping to brand yourself in the market place, you become an authority, because you are the expert, not because you pretend to be. My approach is to help you become that authority and expert in your niche with your network marketing company. By being an authority, you have a greater advantage over all others by being able to attract those who seek success. After all, success attracts success, and those who are not successful seek those who are. If you do not have a niche or network marketing company to be a expert, I can steer you in the right direction.

Value over Benefits

One of the most difficult things to learn by many established network marketers is they don’t distinguish the difference between the value of what their company offers and its benefits. Here is the secret to attracting any prospect to your network marketing company. People do not join lists or buy things because of what a thing is. People join lists and become buyers because of what a thing can do for them. But to learn that art takes training and a special skill set. With my coaching I’ll teach you how to become a consultant that is able to find the prospects pain and desires and resolve both by using a value over benefits approach of your network marketing company. By becoming a problem solver and “Dreamweaver” of helping people fulfill their dreams with value (not benefits) in those things your company offers, people will seek you out and line up to be part of what you have.

The Art of Closing

Most network marketing companies teach their people on how to prospect. However, very few teach them on how to close. And the reason few network marketing companies teach their people on how to close is simply they feel most of their team members don’t have the capability to understand the mechanics of closing. However, if any team member is to survive in this modern world, they better know how to close their prospects. Let me illustrate. If you don’t know how to close and you really stink at it, it will take you 100 X’s more people to talk to in order to close them then it would with my system with the same percentage number of people.

Coaching and Training

One of the most important activities you can do in network marketing is to constantly train. However, if your upline ignores you and does not train you, or if your company has poor training manuals and material, you are at a loss with what to do. With the system we offer here, you will have 24 hour access to the finest experts in the home business and network marketing industry with hundreds of video and audio training materials as well as free live webinars on a daily and weekly basis. Get instant access to hundreds of the top experts in the industry such as Todd Falcone, Ray Higdon, and Dale Moreau. Learn System Campaigns, Get Results Fast, Attraction Marketing, Funnelizers and Landing Pages, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Success in MLM, Call Your Leads Today, Get Leads Today, and Prospecting Strangers – just to name a few of the 100’s of training videos we offer.

Warm and Cold Market Prospecting

How do you talk to your cold market? How do you talk to your warm market? Most network marketers fail miserably in conveying what they have to offer. They approach everyone and everybody in the same way. They hastily give out too much information. And soon, they have dried up their warm market by constantly begging, bullying and befouling their message; and they have no way of knowing how to approach a cold market prospect without making them look at you strangely and as if you’re crazy. The secret to knowing how to talk to your warm and cold markets is what is called differentiation. This is the art of sizing up your prospects in 2 groups. To those prospects that see you as typical, you have to approach them in a different manner than with those who see you as abnormal or outgoing. Learning the art of differentiation takes skill and practice. With our system we can speed that time frame up and get you on the road of speaking to more prospects in both your warm and cold market with closing more than losing.

Online Marketing

With a sea of over 6 billion people out in the world, where does one begin to find people who are interested in your network marketing company verses those who are not? There are 2 secrets to solve this dilemma. First, you need training and coaching in the finesse of targeted marketing where you actually go after those who have a job, making the kind of money who can afford the services and products that you offer, and who have been in network marketing in the past and want to be again. Second, you need to know how to attract your market once they allow access to them. With my system and training in place, you will be up and running with where to find those players who so desperately seeking exactly what you offer, and you will learn how to attract them to your company without shrugging you off or saying No!


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