Words Do Matter when Prospecting People for Network Marketing

House Podcast 16: Words Do Matter when Prospecting People for Network Marketing. First sentences will make or break you. So, choose wisely.

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Myths about Network Marketing that Sound True but Are Not

Myths about Network Marketing abound among us with what sounds like truth and reality but are distorted facts of the mind.

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How to Follow-Up and Close Effectively in Network Marketing

Most Network marketers don’t know how to follow up. They make follow up too complicated. They make the close too difficult.

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What to Do with Your Other Job after Joining Network Marketing

What do you do with your other job after joining network marketing? Take a deep breath and don’t quit. You’ll be happy with the decision.

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Boost Your Confidence about Network Marketing by Being the Expert

Feel uncomfortable talking to prospects about network marketing and need to boost your confidence? Feel intimidated when prospects ask questions?

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How to Get Endless Referrals from Family, Friends, and Strangers Who Say NO to Your MLM Opportunity

Podcast 25-So, let’s learn how to get endless referrals from our family, friends, and even strangers who will presell our products and opportunities for us.

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A 60 Second Presentation from the Invitation through the Presentation to the Close

Why is a commercial able get their message across with a 60 second presentation and greater impact than we can do with a 20-minute presentation?

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Learning How to Recruit People Off Social Media with Lisa Torres Allen

I enjoy learning. Learning how to recruit people off social media with Lisa Torres Allen was a privilege and taught me new skills.

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How to Manipulate the Mind of Our Prospect from Saying “No” to Saying “Yes”

Ever wanted to know about how to manipulate the mind of your prospect from saying “no” to your products and opportunity to saying “yes”?

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Learning to Talk about Your Network Marketing Business at the Right Time

Podcast on learning to talk about your network marketing business is important if you want your team to avoid making mistakes and ruining relationships.

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