9 Reasons for optimism about Network Marketing

Here are 9 reasons for optimism about Network Marketing, and why it’s such a great industry to be involved in.

Benefits of Network Marketing

  • Network marketing is practically risk free – it requires little if any startup capital. Most businesses require startup money before they even open for business.
  • Network marketing is a business you can operate and control from your home. This is especially nice for people with children who want to raise them rather than have daycare people do so. It’s also great for people who want to work for themselves on their own terms. This business is also good for people who hate to commute to boring jobs.
  • There is literally no limit to the amount of money you can make in network marketing – doctors, lawyers, etc., can only bill based on the work they perform. Leverage is why in network marketing you can definitely make more than anyone in any given profession.
  • You don’t have to be beautiful, nor do you need to have a college education. This is literally an equal opportunity business for anyone willing to apply themselves.
  • Network marketing makes it possible for you to have a great deal of time freedom. With the company taking care of product development, shipping, billing, etc., you don’t have to worry about all that. You just keep pursuing prospects and cashing your checks.
  • Network marketing is fun. There is no need to be stressed. If you are, you’re doing something wrong. You’re just sharing a terrific product and opportunity with people. It’s that simple. And they are either interested or they are not. If they are, awesome. And if they are not, just move on. No need to live a stressed out life like most people with jobs.
  • If you follow the guidelines of your company, it is possible that you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars in one year. Heck, you can make a million dollars a year. But you must follow the general guidance provided by your company. It’s an approach that works.
  • Success itself brings with it recognition and admiration. The network marketing industry actually gives you awards and formal adulation. Let’s face it, everyone wants the attention, and this just comes with the territory.
  • As a successful network marketer, you will undoubtedly want to share your success globally. So, you’ll probably travel the world, spreading the good news wherever you go; another one of the wonderful perks of network marketing.

Reasons to be Optimistic

Reading and watching media outlets, it’s easy to get gloomy about the state of the nation. Daily, there are reports of violence, catastrophes and unfairness. As network marketers, this should be concerning, and it should quicken us to take action to help those who are suffering.


Look at the 9 reasons to be optimistic about network marketing. Just these reasons alone can be the game changer to help with stopping the violence, catastrophes and injustice.

These are the benefits of network marketing using MLM (“multi-level marketing”). When you move product or promote a service in a way that relationships are formed and cultivated, it creates the conditions that make violence impossible. Strong relationships is one of the keys to stopping violence.

Acts of nature such as earthquakes or fires or tornados and hurricanes can’t be stopped necessarily by network marketing. But it can provide the foundation in which you have money available to offer to those who need relief during these times of disaster.

As you work with friends and family, whether by blood or adopted family, it does not matter, you work with people that think the same way you do. You make new friends and join new circles of people that want to see you succeed and most importantly share in an abundance lifestyle. As they become richer and wealthier, it reduces the inequality and unfairness in society.

Network marketers are problem solvers, relationship builders and generous philanthropists that offer real solutions to real problems.

Note; this post was edited by Smiling Steve™ in May of 2021

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