Motivate & inspire
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Want some easy tips on how to motivate and inspire your team? How about some insight into how to motivate your work from home team for success? 

 “Easy tips to energetically motivate your MLM team” is a road sought by many but traveled only by a few. That’s because out in the world of cyber space and books, there’s so much material about “motivation” that you get lost in the shuffling of the deck on the subject.

Fear not because we are about to stack the deck in your favor.

To motivate your team, you only have to look at yourself and know what makes yourself tick. Once you know why you tick by this event and not that, then the rest is easy. 

Ask yourself, what are the things in your life that motivate and energize you? If you can answer that question, you have the keys to the kingdom of motivating anyone, including your MLM and work from home team.

Is not having a boss what motivates you? How about being able to send your kids to the best schools without worry of cost? Is it being able to have freedom of time and money? Is it loving something greater than yourself?

How to Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Motivation techniques on how to energize and inspire your team can be reduced to just one thing. It’s so simple that most people, including MLM leaders, overlook it. 

There’s an old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” Though I’m not comparing you to an old nasty fly, I am saying what attracts you to anything is the environment of pleasantry and affirmation rather than chaos. Even the nasty old fly is attracted to the pleasant taste of honey rather than bitterness of vinegar.

No one likes to be scolded and yelled at and made to look bad or inferior. Everyone likes to be affirmed, loved and wanted. You are attracted to what you love and makes you feel good and not to what you feel is unpleasant and brings you down.

So, how do you get that across to your team members? What better way to affirm your team members and let them know you care for them than for you to affirm yourself by doing the things in network marketing that you love. 

I love to get up in the morning and write an article for my blog. I love to be a problem solver and dream builder through making videos daily. I love cold calling to people on my list. I love to speak to my warm market to aid and help them when needed. I love to share what I have in network marketing with my family and friends.

What are the ways to motivate, you ask? Do these things that motivate, affirm and that you love in MLM, and your team mates will follow suite, affirming themselves through duplication of what you do. This is better than a dozen motivation techniques that are being blasted to people over the internet and through books. This is how to motivate a team to achieve goals

What have we learned?

It is impossible to motivate anyone to Success

They must inspire themselves. 

“We waste so much time, even a lot of trainers that teach motivation, trying to get the team and people pumped, juiced, jammed, on Fire and motivated.”

It simply is not going to happen unless you follow the concepts in MLM Motivation techniques.

These concepts are based in reality and honesty, not flimflam, not empty gusto.

You must inspire, not just motivate. 

You must praise and not promote

You must lead and not follow

You must give them something bigger than themselves to believe in and not promote mediocrity.

You must give personal time when needed and not ignore the obvious.

Do the things that you love about MLM and the rest of your team members will follow. And when you feel good about these things, they too will follow and feel good about the things they do with MLM and motivate them to greatness and success. 

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