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“Getting Leery Network Marketing Prospects to Call You Back”

You’ve just called a highly sought after prospect and got through to him after weeks and weeks of trying.

He agrees to watch your DVD … he’ll see it tonight at 7:00 P.M. and agrees to have you call him back at 7:30 P.M.

You’re all excited because this guy is going to be your golden ticket to riches in your MLM business.

7:25 P.M. comes around … and you know he’s finishing up with watching the online presentation … you’re anxiously waiting to make that call.

Finally, you’ve given him enough time and now the moment of moments for you to call him back is at hand … you call him and what do you get? His voicemail!

You keep trying for days and he never returns your call.

What you didn’t know then but do now is he has been bombarded by dozens of offers and options from other MLMer’s … after a while your presentation all runs together with the others for him.

It looks the same with no WOW factor to make it stand apart.

We’ve all experienced scenarios like this one … haven’t we?

Getting prospects to call you back is tough in today’s world of high speed internet and lightning speed information overload … learning how to get prospects attention in a busy world like ours is tougher.

People are DROWNING under a flood of information noise and a sea of Baskin-Robbins options of thirty-one different flavors from which to choose thanks to the internet.

The internet has literally turned us into statistical numbers where you can track someone’s buying habits, sort out their topics of interest, and constantly use that information to drive as many customized offers into their view screen.

People have erected barriers to insulate themselves from the onslaught of internet offers from network marketers.

Obviously, this barrage of information and offers makes network marketing prospects leery of any invitation to an MLM presentation or opportunity.

Getting a Prospect to Invite You as a Welcomed Guest Instead of a Pest

How to get MLM prospects to call you back after being blitzed with so many offers is a skill to be learned and mastered.

If you’re going to present your MLM opportunity to someone, you’ve got to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcomed guest, instead of a pest.

There are two options when it comes to building your network marketing business…

  1. Play the numbers
  2. Brand yourself

Play the Numbers – You can simply play the numbers and contact enough people until you make a sale or recruit someone through traditional old-school prospecting … this is the path taken by 95% of home business owners.

With this option you play hide and seek … the prospect hides while you do the seeking.

You are basically chasing after him or her rather than they chasing after you.

With option number one you are perceived by the prospect as the pest and not a welcomed guest.

Brand Yourself – With option two you can position yourself in the market place in a manner that allows interested people to find and contact you.

Option number two is obviously the superior choice.

Who finds and contacts the other person FIRST is very important.

In option one, you are the chaser. In option two, the prospect is chasing you, meaning, you are perceived by the prospect as the expert … with this option you hold all the power and value in that situation.

The prospect invites you into his or her world as a welcomed guest and not as a pest … you instantly get to bypass all the barriers and walls that must be broken down by everyone else.

By branding yourself, you become that leader and expert everyone wants to work with: the type of person whose phone calls and emails are welcomed and valued instead of detested and deleted.

How to Brand Yourself the Expert

There are two powerful triggers which are built into every human being…

  1. Value
  2. Status

Value and Status – Built into every person’s DNA is their attraction to those who have equal or higher levels of value and status.

We respond to these two triggers because we stand to gain some kind of reward from it. When we hobnob with the big boys we feel big ourselves. It puts us in the sense of having power.

You’ve heard it said that the smartest people in the world don’t hang with just those who are equal to or below their status and value in life. They surround themselves with much smarter people than themselves.

There’s truth to this. By hanging with those who are smarter than themselves the smart people’s value and status automatically increases. They get smarter and wiser.

So you might say, “That’s awesome, Dale. How do I who is new in the business go about making myself an expert in network marketing when I’m not? I have no value or status to offer at this point?”

You do it in the same way that the smart people do it … establish relationships with a person or persons of greater status and value and your value and status automatically increases.

Practical Application – How do I brand myself?

This is where the rubber meets the road … this is where the practical reality or crucial test is.

  • Invest in third party experts
  • Attend your sponsored events, weekly sessions and if possible, just hang out with your sponsors.

Invest in Third Party Experts – Those in network marketing have all kinds of questions and all kinds of problems to solve in order for them to be successful.

They’re hit daily with questions by their team and within themselves such as, “How do I generate leads? How do I present my opportunity to a professional or to the common man on the street? How do I create landing pages, a blog, and prospect cold and warm markets?”

Find a solution and answer to these types of questions through experts who have gone before you.

This means you need to invest in third party webinars, books, E-books, research, DVD, PDF files, etc.

Invest and learn … this makes you smarter and wiser by surrounding yourself with experts who have presented solutions to problems out there.

Be selective with the kinds of solutions you find and use … to brand yourself differently than others, you need to find solutions that are a cut above the rest … that are different than the norm.

You want to be seen as someone who is constantly learning and developing their skills.

If you are not prepared to address questions or direct people in the right manner, you will sacrifice credibility with your potential audience.

Attend Company Sponsored Events and Training – To be prepared to handle questions or objections, read your MLM company’s related books, stay up to date with company training, and participate in as many educational webinars and conference calls that are offered by your company.

And most importantly, hang with your sponsor if all possible. He or she is the one to whom you ought to be grateful for introducing you to a business that is the solution to your own problems. He or she is considered an expert to emulate.

Not only should you attend all MLM company events, webinars and training, you should invite your prospects to these events. Your success rate in MLM will exponentially increase when you have those you invite attend these events.

When you attend a company sponsored webinar or event, you experience the culture, the excitement and understanding of what it means to be part of something greater than yourself which drives you to succeed.

Your prospects, when they attend these same events and training webinars, experience the positive flow of what you have to offer and creates sustained value in your opportunity … it makes your opportunity attractive with value and status.

Create value and status … this is what brands you … makes you attractive in the market place … it makes you the expert and leader.

And leaders are what others follow and what makes them successful.

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