Manage or Babysit?

What's the best way to insure that team members end up self sufficient?

Do you manage or babysit your team members to be sure they will become self-sufficient? 

Are you sponsoring reps into your business but end up devoting the rest of your time attempting to make those few people successful?

That’s what we call the management trap. Playing caretaker to your downline causes new network marketers to become weak and lethargic because someone else is doing their work for them. It also causes the sponsor who take on this burdensome task to lose valuable time that could be more wisely invested in recruiting and prospecting new distributors. Just remember, “New blood is the lifeblood of any organization.” Continuously sponsoring new associates adds vitality to an entire business. 

If you stop recruiting before you are earning enough to live comfortably, then you are the one who loses, not your downline. 

So, how do you support a team? It’s simple. By teaching them three words: “You call me.” And when they call, you be there. You make it plain and simple from the beginning. You will not call their leads. You will not recruit and sponsor for them. You will not lead them by the hand down every path, nook and cranny looking for a needle in the haystack. 

What you will do is be there for them when they call. You will provide the means for them to get trained, the places to go to get what they need, a library of sources within your own company and without. Teach them about the internet and how Google is their friend. Make sure they have all the proper places to go, but you must stop acting like their parent and start being their leader. 

The truth is that success in our industry does not result from extensive management. Success comes from a person with leadership skills, having the vision, enthusiasm, and willingness to recruit other frontline leaders who, in turn use and share products or services. And you simply get them to duplicate the process.

Managing an organization is a time-wasting practice that does for others what they should be doing for themselves., thereby creating co-dependency. Supporting the members of your team or group means being there for them when they call to ask for guidance, moral support, or request that you talk to one of their serious prospects. Network marketing is a business of distributors building their own front lines and teaching their people to duplicate the process.

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