Celebrate and Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor in Network Marketing

Celebrate and Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor in Network Marketing Celebrate Labor Day by enjoying the fruits of your labor in network marketing with a weekend cruise, a trip to an exotic beach, and the all famous Labor Day BBQ. Labor Day is a day for network marketers to celebrate and enjoy what they […]

Three Network Marketing at Home Party Tips to Build the Numbers

3 Tips for holding a Network Marketing Home Party Most people in Network Marketing would not even consider holding a home party and I was not the party planner type either but it works. Here are some tips to hold a home party that is definitely worth it. There is no better place to find […]

Do I Really Need a Network Marketing Coach

“Do I really need a Network Marketing coach?” Few succeed in Network Marketing without a quality mentor! My SPECIAL GUEST, FRIEND AND MENTOR: Everyone, Do I Really Need a Network Marketing Coach, are words for the wise and those who want to learn more about network marketing. Its author is Billy Looper. Billy has been […]

Make Excuses about Network Marketing for Winning and Not Losing

When you make Excuses about Network Marketing, make them for for Winning, Not Losing We either make excuses about network marketing to quit, or we make excuses to stay. Excuse making is something many of us do who are in network marketing for a variety of reasons. We want to hold on to our fears […]

Branding a Product with Your Story

Use Your Story to Brand a Product Learn to use this effective Network Marketing skill Branding a Product Branding a product is the process of creating an image in the customer’s mind which they associate with to attract and retain their loyalty. One of the most common mistakes in building network marketing is talking about […]

How Do You Overcome Fear of Making Money from People

How to Overcome Money Phobia – the fear of Making Money from People It has been called money phobia and it is the fear of making money from people or the stigma of doing so. How do you overcome this fear? Simple. By realizing the value you provide when you help people. Most of us […]

Actively Pursue Your WHY

Finding or pursuing your why; Something you may want or need to work on. What is meant by “your why?” It’s what motivates you to “have purpose” or your reason why you are doing what you are in life. It unlocks your passion for life. The best way of looking at your why in life […]

The Power of Stories Strategies to Build Network Marketing

The Power of Stories: Strategies to Build Network Marketing With the power of stories, they influence people to believe you. How much more powerful can you get than that? With a story, you can nullify sales resistance. Stories are easily remembered. Stories are fun to listen to. The power of stories are seen in how […]

Recruit Couples Working Together from Home

Recruit Couples to work Together from Home In Network Marketing there are many examples of couples working together and build a business together. Famous couples who work together in network marketing include Ray and Jessica Higdon, Juan Carlos and Hortensia Barrios, and Dexter and Birdie Yager, or even David and Ann Feinstein. Why? The trend […]

Working with Parents to Turn Them On to Network Marketing

Working with Parents to Turn Them On to Network Marketing Parents have more responsibility & thus are even more likely to see the value of passive income! Parenting is priceless. Parenting without enough money is awful, as both the kids and the parents pay a heavy price. And that is why working with parents can […]