Finding or pursuing your why;

Something you may want or need to work on.

What is meant by “your why?” It’s what motivates you to “have purpose” or your reason why you are doing what you are in life.

It unlocks your passion for life.

The best way of looking at your why in life is to think of it as your ultimate reason or purpose in living, that is, finding life purpose in what you do with network marketing, with raising children, with being human.

You must be absolutely clear about your goals and relentless in the pursuit of your why. You must know your WHY in order to deal with issues in network marketing such as:

  • Why you got into network marketing?
  • Why recruit?
  • Why deal with generating leads?
  • Why introduce your business to people daily?
  • Why you go to training?

Every morning you must get up and know your why. It will direct your actions as you progress through your day. You’ll begin to see yourself handling your challenges a little differently.

When you know your why, you’ll be excited and know all that you do in network marketing is worth it. Michael Jr. says, “When you know your why, you know what your options will be.”

Have Your Why Card

What makes you come alive, to be inspired? The word “inspire” comes from the Latin, meaning “to breathe life into.”

When you go after or work toward things that inspire you, it literally makes you feel more alive. Knowing what motivates you, what gives you traction is your why card that makes you come alive.

Why is it that you build your network marketing business? What about it makes you feel alive, inspires you to pursue it with vigor? This is your why card.

I am building my network marketing business because my WHY is to spend more time with family, supplement my retirement income, have the finances I need to travel to places I’ve never dreamed of going to.

My goal with network marketing is to make a difference in the world of countless people who need financial help to escape crushing poverty, get out of an abusive relationship, be healed from the deadening effects of drugs and alcohol, make those who have no other pathway to success be successful.

Find your purpose in what makes you alive. Developing your why is found in discovering what goals inspire you to greatness. It’s discovering your why in life.

“A strong enough why will pull you through every situation and make you a true conqueror and victor in every occasion. It will lift you above the average. It will make you go when others stop. It pulls you through the swamps of life when others get stuck, lost or drowned.” – John Di Lemme

Discovering your why in life with network marketing will liberate you truly to be free. It’ll liberate you from the constraints of the overbearing boss, to spend more time with family and friends, to financially afford your kid’s college education, to take vacations to exotic places.

Your Why Questions  

There are four suggested questions you can ask yourself to discover WHY you got into network marketing.

  1. What makes you passionate?
  2. What are your talents and skills?
  3. What can you do with what you got to help people solve their problems and relieve their pain?
  4. What is it that you focus on most?

I would suggest writing these down and then give brief reasons in answering these questions.

What makes me passionate about network marketing is not its ability of helping me meet my goal of supplementing my retirement income. What puts a fire in my belly about network marketing is it gives me a chance to be part of something big, something to help a grieving mother in poverty, to help another for a chance at real life apart from merely existing from having their dreams crushed each day.

With my talents and skills, I can write articles, I can speak to people with the right words, with proper information, and can overcome most objections.

I can help people solve their problems and meet their needs with the tools that I have from my company. I know how to help a person get out of debt quickly, how to melt pounds off their body, how to help them meet the financial necessities of life.

I focus on the type of education needed to be successful and help others succeed. I measure my life by the number of people I help to escape from dire conditions that drains them of energy and living.

These are my WHYS. What are your whys?

Knowing your purpose compels you to take on tasks that are challenging and inspires you to conquer them. Just as a plane under enough power can handle the turbulence of air currents, when you are powered by a clear purpose, where your why is big and rooted in reality, there is little you can do.

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