Recruit Couples to work Together from Home

In Network Marketing there are many examples of couples working together and build a business together.

Famous couples who work together in network marketing include Ray and Jessica Higdon, Juan Carlos and Hortensia Barrios, and Dexter and Birdie Yager, or even David and Ann Feinstein.

Why? The trend of couples working together from home is accelerating.

Signs are everywhere pointing to this growing movement. You have only to read the handwriting on the wall to see it.

One sign pointing to this growing trend is jobs in corporate America are disappearing.

The only security left for couples is self-reliance. It has become a matter of necessity.

Another sign is couples that work together stay together.

In spite of all other signals pointing the opposite, couples working together in network marketing gain more than they lose through the incentive created by staying together.

Generally, couples who work together face unique challenges. Couples working together in network marketing face greater challenges but have a much larger incentive financially that sustains them in good times and bad.

Incentives You Can Use to Attract Couples Working Together from Home

Can married couples work together and maintain a good relationship building a successful network marketing business? Absolutely, they can! There are three incentives as to why.

  • Start with women in your downline
  • Shrewd business move
  • Financial independence

… Start with women in your downline –

When starting with couples to recruit into your network marketing business, start with the women already in your downline who have husbands or significant others.

Most network marketers are women.

They actually work maximum hours, which means they’re not developing their business to its full potential. Bringing in their partner to share the load could have a powerful effect on their future.

… Shrewd business move –

Another incentive you can use for getting couples working together in your business is the talents and weaknesses of the one partner are enlarged and diminished in the strengths and weaknesses of the other partner.

Introducing the other’s partner or significant other to network marketing could be a shrewd move. One plus one could equal three if the synergy is right.

… Financial independence –

Couples working together in network marketing supplements their careers with a business which could be a fast-track to their way of financial independence.

Keep an eye out for couples who talk about buying an investment property or flipping a house for profit. Ambitious, entrepreneurial couples will be open to exploring all avenues of making money.

Network marketing is an ideal third income stream. Couples working together have more contacts than going it alone. The business can be worked around career commitments, including raising a family.

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