Writing a Personal Letter by Hand to Recruit people in Network Marketing

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Writing a personal letter by hand shows appreciation in network marketing. It makes you shine above the fray. Handwritten letters get opened ten times more than photocopied and form letters.

The bulletproof way of becoming a leader in network marketing is to do something different and a cut above all others. Writing a personal letter to a prospect makes you stand out.

Curtis and Susan receive a handwritten letter or maybe a series of handwritten notes from me inviting them to a product tasting party or business opportunity meeting. What happens when Curtis or Susan receives the letter with a pile of form letters? My letter grabs their attention while tossing the form letters in the trash.

The same couple receive a form letter on high quality paper inviting them to a product tasting party or business opportunity meeting. Will the letter get the same response? Probably not. It’ll get tossed in the trash with all the other form letters.

Writing a personal letter by hand is far more superior.

Vintage Handwritten Letters

Ever seen vintage handwritten letters? The minute you lay eyes on one it draws your attention. The style of writing…the feel of the paper…and the antique look add charm and are inviting. I have some old vintage letters from my Grandmother and Mom from forty years ago. Old handwritten letters are not made like that anymore. I still open them to this day.

What would your prospect do if he or she received an old handwritten letter like Grandma and Mom inviting him or her to a tasting party or home business meeting? It assuredly would not go in the trash.

Writing a personal letter by hand with an antique look and feel would show you are different and care about your prospect.

If penmanship is a problem writing antique style, I got you covered.

Handwriting a letter in vintage style seems impossible. Not anymore. There are handwriting services which will write in vintage form. Letter Friend and Amcards are two online handwriting services fitting the bill. They are mobile to mailbox services which will hand write your letters or cards in vintage style or any other style you choose.

With a mass mailing, writing a personal letter by hand no longer should be a problem.

Writing a personal letter by hand with a thank you note or invitation will get 98% more response than form or photocopied letters. You could send one out to team members, customers, prospects and sponsors. Your upline will take notice.

Writing handwritten letters through “Amcards” and “Letter Friend” make it easy, fun and profitable.

The bottom line is for only a few cents a day in postage and paying for online handwriting services, you can have an effective mail prospecting campaign.

A few pennies a day writing a personal letter by hand equal more recruiting and more profit.

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