Five Steps to an Efficient Recruiting Presentation for Network Marketing

5 Steps to an excellent Recruiting Presentation for Network Marketing A prospect attends a 2-hour recruiting presentation for a network marketing opportunity. Long before it ends the prospect wishes they never went. Relieved to finally be able to walk away they leave knowing very little about the company, its products or how to make money. […]

Positive Thinking without Skill Leads to Failure

Positive Thinking & Skills make us unstoppable! Whereas positive thinking alone more often Leads to Failure. “It is possible to fly without a motor, but not without positive thinking and skills.” I never forgot those words from my sponsor on the day that I joined network marketing in 2008. Later I learned my sponsor reworded […]

Being Rejected by the Prospect of Network Marketing and What to Do about It

Being Rejected by a Prospect you thought was right for Network Marketing & What to Do about It What to do after being rejected by a prospect you thought was right for network marketing? Lick your wounds? You felt you gave a great presentation, you used all the right triggers, you used a non pushy […]

Be Very Thankful this Thanksgiving for What Network Marketing Has Done

Be thankful this Thanksgiving for what Network Marketing has done I am thankful this Thanksgiving for all what network marketing has done for this great land. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., which was colonized in the 1600’s and grew from a small gathering of Indians (First Nation) and pilgrims giving thanks for a […]

The Four Step Technique to Higher Closing Ratios of Prospects in Network Marketing

The 4 Step Technique to a Higher Closing Ratio in Network Marketing The higher your closing ratio in Network Marketing, the less you need to work and the quicker you become successful. The closing ratio definition? More sales and more new distributors equal more money. Prospects war with network marketers. The network marketer gives reason after […]

Magic Questions to Qualify the Prospect for Network Marketing

Magic Questions to Qualify Prospects for Network Marketing Magic questions help you get insight into the prospect’s thinking and instantly create rapport. The purpose of questions with prospects in network marketing is to qualify them. In the old days before most of you were born (exception noted), magic questions were asked in not so subtle […]

Adding to the Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing

Adding to the Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing Many veterans, when they leave the armed services to examine closely the benefits for veterans. This is the longest article that I’ve written for the blog. It’s lengthy because this is dedicated to the most important group of people our country must honor – Veterans. […]

The Best Voice Message to Leave for Prospects

The Best Voice Message to Leave for Prospects What is the best voice message that you can leave for your prospects? The best voice message which you can leave is the one getting them calling back? New distributors in network marketing have an excitement about them. They tend to speak fast, loud and with eagerness. […]

Time to Kill Urban Myths and Legends about Recruiting in Network Marketing

Time to kill the Myths about Recruiting in Network Marketing Some myths have become almost like Urban Legends Myths and legends about recruiting abound among many distributors in network marketing. They sound like great ideas to those who embrace them. They think “wow,” they’re going to make us rich. A myth is a story which […]