Adding to the Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing

Many veterans, when they leave the armed services to examine closely the benefits for veterans.

This is the longest article that I’ve written for the blog. It’s lengthy because this is dedicated to the most important group of people our country must honor – Veterans.

This is Veterans Day 2016. This is a day we honor our veterans for the integrity and sacrifices they’ve made on and off the battle fields.

This is the day for veterans to look at alternative ways to make more income than relying on new veteran’s benefits from the federal government.

November 11, 2016 is the day to look at benefits for veterans who join network marketing. It is this day in which veterans can see how far-surpassing network marketing is over government handouts and other civilian programs.

Many veterans will start their own brick and mortar businesses and not seek out a job. Other’s will be looking to purchase franchises. Both ways have major problems to overcome before even thinking about making a profit.

Nearly 300,000 service members transition out of the armed services every year. This talent of the finest and best look for benefits available to veterans from military friendly companies that will put their well-hone skills and practices to good use.

You’ll find many large companies – Haliburton, Boeing, American Airlines, Combined Insurance Company of America, USAA, Booz Allen Hamilton – are military friendly and compete to attract veterans. These companies are the ones offering benefits to vets that surpass the federal veteran’s benefits. These companies are the ones veterans gravitate to.

Other veterans will be looking for a home-based business, especially network marketing.

We hear very little information about the benefits for veterans from network marketing. “The Veteran’s Benefits Administration” mentions nothing about it and has no partnerships with any network marketing companies. The only program which comes close to network marketing and is offered to military veterans on the internet is the “Veterans Advantage Affiliate Program.”

The good news is veterans who are in network marketing make the best team mates. They’re disciplined and follow teachings and instructions well. They’re prompt and follow through with their appointments. They know how to speak and when to shut up and listen. They are talented in so many ways of communicating to their prospects that they blossom with success.

Veterans of network marketing are themselves added benefits for veterans everywhere. Disabled veterans, veterans who fought for our freedom and liberties, and veterans who served in other capacities are all assets to have joining our team by those of us in network marketing. Veterans are leaders and network marketing requires leaders who can lead others to mirror success.

Benefits for Veterans Who Join Network Marketing

What benefits and help for veterans can network marketing offer?

There are thirteen benefits offered by network marketing to veterans:

  1. Healthcare
  2. A pension
  3. Retirement
  4. Insurance
  5. Memorial benefits
  6. Scholarship money for college
  7. Vocational training
  8. Small business program
  9. Home buyer’s benefits
  10. Travel benefits
  11. A new car year-after-year
  12. Shopping
  13. Benefits for dependents

Each year Congress passes new veterans benefit laws. They establish that benefits are paid to eligible veterans.

What about those who are not eligible? They don’t qualify. They are left out in the cold.

With network marketing, we welcome all eligible military veterans. We also welcome those who are not eligible. Network marketing is about new chances. It’s about offering benefits for veterans and a new chance to all people seeking a better quality of life.

(1) Healthcare

Healthcare is more than having proper insurance. It’s more than eating right and exercising. It doesn’t come out of a medicine bottle.

Good health is having a healthy disposition about life and finding something to live for. All of us exist. Some of us exist to live.

A military officer one year after retiring from the Army was recently told by a doctor at the VA that his cholesterol was high. He relayed to his wife that he was terrified. His wife replied, “Congratulations, that will probably help you live longer.”

The underlying lesson is find something to live for and it will motivate you to good health and good living. Health is one of the perfect benefits for veterans.

The beauty of network marketing is some companies have all-natural products which supercharge your health while all network marketing companies offer the WHY for living.

Network marketing gives you the reason to get up each morning and reach out for – freedom from crushing credit card debt, freedom from a mortgage preventing you from owning a home worthy for your kids to grow up in, freedom from the 9 to 5 grind. These are the makings of good health and benefits for veterans.

Network marketing is freedom to good health and a great life.

(2) Pension

Military pensions are arguably the best in the world.
Unlike network marketing, the armed forces offer a pension which is technically a reduced compensation for reduced services.

Paul Blakey retired from the military after twenty years. Based on the Final Pay retirement system, he received 50% of his final month’s pay for his pension.

Rebecca Milton retired from the military fifteen years after joining. She retired with 40% final month’s pay; Jane realized she needed to make up for the cash which she lost by retiring. She joined a health and wellness network marketing company.

In Fourteen months working twenty hours a week, she makes triple the amount that she made full time when working for the Air Force forty or more hours a week.

Pension benefits for veterans from the military begin the first dayafter discharge. Income benefits for veterans in network marketing begin the first dayafter joining. One takes 20+ years to receive a pension. Network marketing takes one year with effort to receive a comparable or greater income.

3) Retirement

Having a reduced pay in pension benefits is only one part of the problem with retirement in the military. One of the major benefits for veterans is the lucrative retirement system in the military until recently.

Signed into law in November 2015, the new retirement compensation plan limits retirement benefits for veterans to 401(k) contributions. Newly retirees must decide whether to opt into the new military retirement system or stick with the traditional one.

Mickey Wiley, a young man at eighteen:

  • Joined the marines in December 1997
  • Presently an E-6
  • Will retire after 29 years in the military, retiring 2026
  • Invests one percent of his total income into the retirement system.

Mickey will receive a total of $56,000.00 retirement benefits. If he puts five percent total of his income, he’ll receive $500,000 retirement benefits. If he is reduced in rank to an E-4 or E5, his retirement benefits are reduced from several thousand to a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Jim Stinson retired an E-4 in 2014 after spending 21 years in the Navy. He put a total of one percent of his income toward his retirement. When he retired, his total benefit package was $16,000. He couldn’t survive. He joined a network marketing company. Within six months he was making $15,000 a month, more than he made with retirement benefits after twenty-one years with the Navy.

(4) Insurance

Every person in the military knows of TRICARE, the premier insurance provider for active military personnel and retirees.

Tricare is not officially an insurance program but acts like one. It is an option available worldwide. Active and retired service members and their families are eligible for Tricare benefits.

Care is usually provided in a military treatment facility. Civilian clinics and hospitals may be used when needed.
Sounds like one of the great benefits for veterans.

Bethany Linebecker is in the Army. She’s 28 weeks pregnant and being transferred to Camp Atterbury Army Base in Indiana during Christmas. TRICARE tells her she must wait for a referral four weeks after the baby is officially due. For her to see a private doctor, she must pay the first $300.00 deductible and then fifty-percent thereafter. The only private clinic to take her is not in the Tricare network, and she must drive to a city in an adjoining state.

Tricare doesn’t sound too good.

With network marketing, Bethany would not have to rely on Tricare or worry about the deductible and any charges thereafter. She’d have the money for a local private clinic across town and not worry about the one across in the next state. She could even pay for the full amount needed to carry out the delivery with money to spare in her bank account.

Network marketing can provide when Tricare cannot.

(5) Memorial Benefits

VA burial allowances are partial reimbursements of an eligible veteran’s burial and funeral costs. You must be honorably discharged to qualify. The VA will pay for headstone markers up to $400.00 and a casket and grave up to $2,000.00. With funeral costs, over $2,000.00, memorial benefits aren’t much help.

Randy Schultz makes $2,000,000 a year in network marketing. He has no debt, lives a luxurious life, and can afford what most cannot. He was in the Marines for 22 years with a retirement income of $58,000 a year. He’s dying from cancer, and the VA has informed him the most in funeral costs they’ll pay is $1,500.00. He wants to be buried near his kids where the average funeral is $15,000.00. Randy writes a check fully paying for the funeral and does not think twice about it.

Thanks to network marketing for making memorial benefits for veterans more enriched.

(6) Scholarship Money for College

“The Student GI Education Benefits” (GI Bill) was signed into law June 22, 1944 by Franklin D. Roosevelt under the “Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944”. It literally was the fuel which sparked the industrial revolution and produced the smartest men of technology and innovation on the planet. It built the middle class and enhanced democracy. The act was re-written after 9/11 under the “Veteran’s Educational Assistance Act of 2008”.

Education and training benefits for veterans are the most popular part of the “G.I. Bill”. Some 2.2 million attended college or graduate school and 5.6 million prepared for vocations in fields such as auto-mechanics, electronic wiring, IT, computer programming, and construction.

Since the re-written bill in 2008, the basic benefits include:

  • 100% tuition
  • A monthly Housing allowance
  • $1,000 a year for books and supplies
  • A one-time relocation allowance
  • Educational benefits for dependents
  • The yellow ribbon program to help avoid additional out of pocket tuition and fees

These educational benefits for veterans look great, but are they? They a true placebo. They don’t truly cover all the costs for education which they claim to cover.

When Azar Boehm left the Army last year, he joined the New York National Guard and began studying political science at Columbia University, thanks to the generous G.I. Bill benefits for veterans.

With fifteen months until graduation, Azar was informed he had to come up with an additional $10,000 to finish his degree, thanks to the re-written G.I. Bill of 2008.

For thousands of American veterans, the new G.I. bill isn’t working.

Jay Simpson who spent eight years in the Air Force was on the brink of losing funding for housing at the University of Texas. When he called about the problem, they wouldn’t even talk to him. He faced eviction, and had nowhere else to go.

Jay acted by joining a network marketing company. Three weeks after joining, he had enough money to pay his past-due rent.

Four weeks later, Jay was on easy street and able to pay for an entire year’s tuition and rental. Six months later, Jay bought and purchased a new home in a high-end district of Austin Texas.

(7) Vocational Training

“Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment” (VR&E) benefits for veterans covers job training, employment accommodations, resume development and job seeking skills coaching.

Benefits for the disabled also include starting one’s own business and help with those severely disabled and unable to work in traditional employment.

The heart of network marketing is designed for the disabled. It’s an industry where the disabled veteran can feel comfortable working from their home, surrounded by family and friends. It’s a business where all the training can be done from the comfort of home. They can work ten, fifteen or twenty hours a week and make a living to support family, school and a home for their kids, and pay for gaps in disability costs.

The backlog of disability claims at the VA is about half-a-million with waiting lines of four months. Meanwhile, the disabled vet incurs major expenses on his own waiting for a hopeless situation to resolve.

The cost to get into network marketing runs as little as $850 one-time fee for products + auto-ship ($95.00 – $110.00) to $2,000.00 one-time fee + auto-ship.

The cost to start a traditional business is between $50,000 to $2,000,000 + supplies, insurance, liability costs, running into several thousand dollars a month.

Training in network marketing costing the company hundreds of thousands of dollars is FREE to all who join.

No other business can help the disabled veteran with maximum returns in profit and income like network marketing.

(8) Small Business Program

The Veteran Entrepreneur Portal under the Office of “Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization” is designed to help veterans start a business, access funding, help grow their business, find business opportunities and provide financial resources.

You must go through a verification assessment tool process to determine eligibility.

The documentation required to apply for the program is onerous and can cost thousands of dollars. For further assistance about requirements and eligibility, seek out a VA certified counselor.

The William DeBry story is what happens with the small business program benefits for veterans. William was given $100,000.00 for starting a small business in the cleaning industry. He paid franchise fees of $55,000.00 and bought equipment and hired two workers with another $35,000.00. He had $10,000.00 left after all expenses paid.

Two weeks after spending the money, the VA demanded he pay back the full amount of the money granted to him. The reason? He left out a signature on the documentation. He was not allowed to correct the mistake and was being investigated for fraud.

William is an exception to the rule of this wonderful program. It goes to show what happens when things go terribly wrong with no fault of your own with federal programs and benefits for veterans.

Let’s look at what would happen if William had joined a network marketing company as his new business venture.
William would have joined a company with a cost of $850 + supplies and miscellaneous expenses of $110 a month. Total outlay for the first month is $960.00. Each month following is $110.00. Total costs for the year is $2,070.00.

The paperwork to join consists of one page.
What would William had earned? Potentially $65,000 the first six months in business and $100,000.00 by the end of the year.

What would Williams gross profits before taxes be?

$100,000.00 – $2,070.00 = $97,930.00 TOTAL GROSS PROFIT.

What aggravation would William have avoided by joining network marketing over buying a small business using federal money?

  • Easy recoverable costs if things had gone terribly wrong.
  • Freedom from being indebted to someone else’s rules.
  • The money earned is his money and belongs to no one else.
  • Tax write-offs $2,500.00 on his home which could not be claimed otherwise.

Network marketing is the small business dream for veterans of all ranks and abilities.

(9) Home Buyer’s Benefits

Home loan benefits for veterans help servicemen, veterans, and surviving spouses become homeowners.

A VA Counselor can qualify your eligibility for the loan.
Basic qualifications:

  • You must have served 181 days during peacetime active duty.
  • 90 days during wartime active duty.
  • Served 6 years in the Reserves or National Guard.
  • Be a spouse of a service member who was killed in the line of duty.

Home loans no matter the source are still a loan.
Isn’t the goal of retirement to reduce debt and be debt free without obligation to anyone? It is to enjoy your golden years.

You can’t do that when you are enslaved to debt!

Network marketing is founded on the principal that debt is an evil to eradicate. Debt is a perversion of freedom – not freedom’s opposite but a reducing of what makes you free.

Freedom is the ability to go where you want, when you want, anytime you want. Debt is the cruel master which owns and enslaves you to its demands and rules. Freedom cannot exist in its presence. It wars against it.

Freedom is something fought in battle. It overcomes its opposite only when the rules for battle allow the players to win.

With network marketing, burdening debt is the battle to win. Network marketing gives the players the freedom to go on vacations when they want, buy what they want without regard to price, and enrich family life.

Some network marketing companies have home buyer-advantage programs where they will give you the down payment of $76,000 + taxes on a home or office and pay your monthly mortgage payments up to $1,500. No money is taken out of your pocket.

Network marketing will give the player the path to make the kind of money where he or she can buy a home without debt.
To buy the home of your dreams and owe nothing is freedom.

(10) Travel Benefits

Where with any program that is offered by the Veterans Benefits Administration can you go on vacations 8 X’s a year first class, all expenses paid? Where with any benefits for veterans can you find, yourself staying at five-star hotels in the most exotic and expensive resorts on the planet?

How about a two week all-expense paid vacation for your entire family and friends at the Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada?
Want to jet off to Hotel Everland of Switzerland?

Don’t forget about a summer vacation with family at Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake or Lake Buena Vista Florida?
Finish taking these vacations and off you go for a ski holiday at Vail, Keystone & Breckenridge, or Beaver Creek Vacation Resorts.

Go where you want and choose any place you want with network marketing.

(11) A New Car Year-After-Year

The new car benefits for veterans is not much of a benefit when compared with what network marketing offers.

With the car benefits offered by select automobile dealerships, veterans get a small discount off the price of the car. The discount can be between one percent to ten percent sticker price.
Some network marketing companies give their distributors a new car every year fully paid. Others give new car bonuses such as the lifestyle bonus. You receive a bonus from $16,800 to $25,000 down payment on a new car of your choice. In addition, you’ll receive between $350.00 to $600.00 bonus applied to the monthly payments. Some companies pay the insurance, most don’t.

(12) Shopping

Shopping benefits for veterans usually is nothing more than a small discount of retail prices. The veteran’s discount is limited to shopping at on-base commissaries. Most commissaries have little in merchandise to offer. Some have much to offer, but these larger on-base stores are not easily accessible.

In 2017, the Defense Department’s Executive Resale Board voted military exchanges can open discount online shopping. It’s still only a small discount, no matter how you cut the bait.
Network marketing gives you the freedom of shopping where you want and anytime you want. Discounts and coupons are never a worry for those in network marketing.

You can buy go out for a steak dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town and spend $200.00 and not even worry about the cost. Take your wife out shopping at the most luxurious clothing store in the mall and spend $2,000.0 without putting a dent in your bank account.

Network marketing far surpasses the shopping discount given to veterans by the armed services.

(13) Benefits for Dependents

Military benefits for veteran’s dependents are in the form of cash and discounts. Dependents must register with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).

Dependents receive healthcare through Tricare. They get burial and memorial benefits and discounts for shopping at commissaries and the military online exchange. For a full list of dependent benefits, see

When the military serviceman or woman passes away, the dependents can apply for dependency and indemnity compensation. The unused benefits of the deceased serviceman are transferred to the spouse or dependent children. The one catch is the Department of Defense (DoD) determines the dependent’s eligibility. If the DoD determines the dependents are not eligible, there is nowhere else for them to turn.

Network marketing cuts right to the heart of what matters the most for dependents. Whether deceased or alive, dependents receive all the benefits which the veteran receives, provided there is no involvement of annulment or divorce.

How many benefits do veterans receive from network marketing? Thirteen is the number, priceless is the gift, and benefits for veterans are far superior than those offered by the federal government.

What does the veteran have to do? Set a few appointments and watch as the group grows.

How much can the veteran make? Realistically, $65,000 within six months and $100,000.00 in his or her first full year. After that the sky is the limit for an annual income.

How long to build a steady annual residual income of six-figures or more? Two years!

What are the benefits of network marketing that the veteran and dependents receive? Benefits which are far more superior than what the federal government and conventional private companies offer.

Are the benefits by network marketing limited to veterans? Not at all. All who wish to enrich their lives and fulfill dreams are welcomed.

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