Approaching Strangers Just Got Easier

We all end up talking to people. By doing this you will have no trouble talking about Network Marketing!

When approaching a stranger about MLM (also known as “network marketing”), most of you feel awkward. For many of you it’s hard to talk to random people whom you bump into while you’re out and about on the town.

Here is a sure-fire easy way on how to prospect strangers in network marketing.

Think of how many tourists come to your town on a daily basis. How many do you come across during vacations?

Have you ever noticed a tourist taking pictures using their cell phones? You probably have.

Like everybody else, tourists love pictures. They love pictures which include themselves. They want to show it on Facebook and brag about it on twitter and other social media sites. Many take selfies using their cell phones with bad results.

Picture how many strangers you see on the streets. They love the affirmation they get from posting a selfie online. Taking a selfie does not always turn out well, especially without a selfie holder.

To begin a chat with strangers in your area about network marketing, find those who are taking selfies. Approaching a stranger with this techniquebreaks the ice and allows you to do something unique.

It allows you to take not only their picture but allows you to email it to them on the spot using your phone. Email the picture to them with a short message. At the end of the message add a teaser signature file that would compel them to check out your company video.

What is a teaser signature? It’s the P.S. that is automatically added to the end of your email messages.

Approaching a Stranger about Network Marketing with a Teaser Signature

I just came off a convention in Dallas, Texas with my own network marketing company this past weekend. I was in the lobby of the hotel where the convention was taking place and saw this young couple trying to take a selfie. You could tell from the frustration on their face, it was not going the way they wanted.

So, I stepped in and offered to take their picture on my phone and send it to them right there on the spot. They agreed.

Guess what I did when approaching a stranger with this technique?

After approaching a stranger with this technique, I then sent this teaser line at the end of the message: “Is your paycheck a disgrace? Click here.” The link went to my company video.

Guess what happened this morning. I get a call from the couple asking me about my network marketing company. Let’s see how it goes from here.

Here are some additional teaser messages which can be added to the end of an email when approaching a stranger about MLM using a selfie.

  • Do you remember me and what I look like? Click here to see my picture.
  • Click here to see my before and after picture? What do you think?
  • Click here to see a picture of what I really do.
  • Click here to see if you look like my boss.
  • Click here to see a picture of the new car I won.
  • Click here to see pictures of the exotic vacation I just came off of.
  • Click here to see how much weight I lost this month.
  • Click here to see how I get one extra paycheck every month.
  • Click here to see a picture of my dog on vacation with me.
  • Click here to read my son’s (or daughter’s) opinion.
  • Click here to learn how I turned out how my mom predicted.

Approaching a stranger about MLM using this technique is easier than asking them, “Do you want to earn some extra money?”

What will be results? So far every tourist and stranger who wanted pictures gladly gave me their name, email address and phone numbers.

Make sure you have a video site, landing page or blog to send them for the influx of tourists and strangers who want a better life.

Approaching a stranger about MLM never got more easier than taking a selfie for a stranger or tourist. Using this technique will get you tons of prospects for zero dollars.

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