Levels of Communication and their effectiveness.

There are different ways to do presentations & some are better than others.

What levels of communication are you employing as you promote you Network Marketing products and business opportunity?

For instance talking face-to-face with prospects or via the phone or webinar?

Do you apporach your cold market on social media or in-person?

The levels of communication in an organization vary from one stage to another, but in MLM it should always be personal.

If you buy leads or generate leads over the internet it is easy to send an email to them.

But it is far better to personally speak to them. The first thing you should do with an internet lead is get them off the internet and turn them into your warm market. Contact them quickly over the telephone to distinguish yourself from all the emails they get daily.

Once the internet lead agrees to hear more about your program, use levels of communication which won’t disrupt the personal touch with them.

The Six Levels of Communication in MLM

Remember, there is a hierarchy of communication, and in Network Marketing there are six levels of communicating with prospects (and team members).

  1. Level One: (lowest) A one-way communication.
  2. Level Two: (better) Video, website, audio – still a one-way communication.
  3. Level Three: (much better) Telephone – Two-way communication. You can hear the tone of their voice.
  4. Level Four: (much, much better) Video telephone or Skype (see and hear). Two-way communication. You can see when they roll their eyes.
  5. Level Five: (nearly the best). In person. It’s harder to be impolite to someone in person.
  6. Level Six: (truly the best bonding experience) In person over food.

These six various levels of communication all have their place in MLM, but taking them from the impersonal to the personal is a much better technique with far reaching results.

Always attempt to communicate at the highest level that is available to you. Ask yourself, “What level of communication skills in MLM are at my disposal to help the prospect solve his or her problems and meet his or her needs?”

“What is a communication model of the highest caliber to use with those who are overweight, lack energy, need an opportunity to escape crushing debt or an overbearing boss?”

Though you have six levels of communication available for the prospect in MLM, the most effective are those where you see and hear and more importantly bond over.

Be a good networker where you love to meet the prospect, where you can see and hear and meet the prospect over food. These levels of communication in MLM will bring the best results with great reward.

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