Let real estate agents do your recruiting for you?!?

Let real estate agents do your recruiting for you? is that even possible? Yes!

This is a great way to find prospects for Network Marketing. They can send presold prospects to you. 

MLM prospecting has never been easier than stopping by your local real estate agent. Real estate agents live boring lives. They wait and wait for someone to call them, sometimes waiting for days and weeks. 

Sit down and spend some time with one of the bored salesman and build a little rapport. Ask a question or two about the business, how he or she finds prospects, etc. He or she will be a great MLM recruiting resource for you.

Then ask the real estate agent, “How much commission do you earn on people who can’t afford to buy the house they want?”

He or she will reply, “Nothing.” They may not say it to you, but if the prospect can’t qualify for the bank loan, then there is no sale and no commission.

Then offer them this solution to help both you and them with MLM recruiting: “I have a plan which might help you. It won’t help to qualify the prospect for a house today, but it might put them in a better position in a few months to qualify. Would that be okay?”

What do you think the real estate agent will say? “No thank you!” Of course, he or she will like it. A sale in a few months for a potential buyer is better than no sale at all. You’ll be able to turn him or her into an MLM recruiting machine.

Lay out the plan for the real estate agent to do the MLM recruiting for you. Tell the agent this:

“Let’s say your potential buyer doesn’t have enough money for the down payment to qualify for the loan, or doesn’t have the monthly payments, or needs extra money to clear up debts that are affecting their credit scores, then tell them this.”

“I have a friend named (use your name). He’s a pretty Okay guy. You would like him. He helps people earn some extra money each month by starting their own part-time business. This might give you enough extra money to qualify for the house of your dreams. Here is telephone number. Give him a call. He is a busy guy, but you will enjoy talking to him. I will make sure to give him your telephone number the next time we are together. Just in case you were not able to reach him.”

What do you think will happen next with this MLM recruiting technique? You will get presold qualified leads who have the financial means to start a home based business. You will also get the attention of the real estate agent. Once you proven yourself to the agent, he or she might also want to join your business (http://markyarnell.com/how-to-recruit-realtors-into-your-mlm-business/). This is a win-win scenario. 

The MLM Recruiting Plan

What do you say when the presold prospect calls you?

The conversation might go like this:

[box] Prospect: “Hello, this (name of prospect).”

You: “Yes!”

Prospect: “My local real estate salesman told me to give you a call. He says that you help people start a part-time business and earn some money. Is that right?”

You: “Yes.”

Prospect: “Sounds great. Could we get together sometime and talk?”

You: “Yes.”

Prospect: “Great. Let’s meet at Starbucks on Junction Highway at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. Is that okay?”

You: “Yes.” [/box]

Talk about how to get leads for network marketing. This is it. You don’t even have to have any phone skills with presold prospects who are begging you (http://themlmwhisperer.com/mlm/recruiting-professionals-in-network-marketing-why-you-should-recruit-real-estate-agents%E2%80%A6) for an appointment. You now have quality prospects coming to you.

Now translate this to other professionals. (see my Recruit Professional to be MLM Biz Builders (https://wp.me/p7FqzL-SX)). Just think of all the other professional who meet quality people who need extra cash. This will build an arsenal of MLM business leads for you. 

To get qualified presold leads who have the financial wherewithal and motivation to get involved with your business is only a stone’s throw away to your nearest real estate agent. Let them do your MLM recruiting. You help them, and they help you. How much simpler and easier does it get?

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http://markyarnell.com/how-to-recruit-realtors-into-your-mlm-business/ http://themlmwhisperer.com/mlm/recruiting-professionals-in-network-marketing-why-you-should-recruit-real-estate-agents%E2%80%A6 https://wp.me/p7FqzL-SX 

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