Quality Prospects for Network Marketing from Trained Salesmen

Quality prospects are people looking for network marketing opportunities. Where are the best places to prospect for network marketing? I’ve given several throughout my blog. You find them in professionals such as doctors, lawyers, business people, real estate and insurance professionals, etc.

Here is one more. Quality prospects are found from trained salesmen that visit local merchant stores in your city. Generate leads and find the best prospects no further than your local merchant store.

The best lead quality for network marketing is the person who calls on your local merchants and supplies the store with all its merchandise which you buy on daily or weekly basis.

Call up or upon the local merchant retailer – don’t try to sell him or her anything. Just ask them for a favor.

Ask them, “Who is the best salesperson or representative calling on your now?”

Why the Best Quality Prospects Come from Trained Salesmen

Quality prospects network marketing are found in trained and professional salesmen, because these are the people who hate their jobs and would welcome your opportunity.

Because you asked the merchant for the best salesperson and representatives, they are quality sales leads and quality prospects for network marketing.

Many of these salespeople would welcome a part-time income. Some would welcome being their own boss.

Contact them, and give them an option for a better life. They will thank you. Think marketing. Think like a merchant seeking the best salesperson to represent their store in supplying their wares and needs. Get to know them, call them often even when they turn you down – eventually they will join the ranks of the many quality prospects that you come across each day.

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