Romance your offer and your Prospects will Respond more Positively

Motivate your prospects by making better offers about network marketing through Romantic packaging. You can romance an offer and make it more effective.
Romance the offer, it motivates prospects to make a more positive decision about your network marketing products, services and opportunity. Prospects respond more to the romantic packaging than to the product, opportunity or services.
Our prospects make their decisions about network marketing based upon our offers.
Let me give you an example of how to romance the offer that comes from the hotel industry:
From charming villas to delightful chateaus. Enjoy the City of Lights without being in Paris with this three-night package. We set the mood with a bottle of champagne and strawberries in your room, then you and your special someone can savor a romantic dinner for two in Coastal, Steak & Bar.”
Most agree this is not very exciting, is it? Tom, being the excellent recruiter that he was, knew how to romance the offer. This is how he presented the Army opportunity.
Do you want fun, travel and adventure? The Army will give you all that and more. In fact, they’ll even pay you while you are having the time of your life. Think about it. You can travel to exotic places all over the world. And, you have to pay a single airline fare or hotel bill. The Army appreciates your participation so much that they even provide you with all your clothing needs with their unique designer fashions. Forget about those high clothing prices downtown. Never pay another health club membership fee again. You’ll look forward to supervised exercise instruction with a highly qualified personal trainer. You’ll enjoy long nature walks and even your meals will be provided. Do you want even more excitement? The Army will place live ammunition in your hands as you celebrate your good fortune with fellow club members. And, as I said before, not only will the Army cover your expenses, they’ll even pay you money to ensure that you are having the time of your life.
Let’s see: Offer number one or two? Which offer do you think recruited more prospects into the Army?
The more offers you make through romancing the deal, the more positive decisions will be made by the prospect.

Romantic Packaging Makes the Impossible Possible

Changing the offer is only one way of making your offer stand out.
Showing benefits of your products and opportunity is only part of the equation. Show how your products and opportunity will change lives.
This takes bigger thinking on your part.
Great offers and better offers from romantic vacation packages not only how benefits but also show what a weekend or a week will do to change people’s lives. The same principal applies to network marketing.
Take your focus off your network marketing product and opportunity, and put your focus on the possible changes in your prospect’s life. This could put you far ahead of your competition.
This means you are to go beyond benefits.
Take for example this ad that I made for a new protein powder drink in my own network marketing company.
Instead of selling just a protein shake product…this ad that I created sells slimmer jeans, shapely butts, stronger thighs, a six-pack abs, lower food cost, longer legs, and all the beer you can drink and ice cream you can eat.


Makes your heart happy and healthy and lowers your food cost by half.
Women, turn your husband’s head with fitting slimmer jeans and a shapely butt and long sexy legs in 14 days. ICE CREAM is the woman’s dream made true with this shake.
Men, turn into a Casanova with strong thighs and to-die-for six-pack abs in 14 days. Nightly BEER RUNS? Not a problem with this shake.
Isn’t that a much better romantic packaging of our protein powder milkshake than saying it contains, “Sprouted rice protein, pea protein, sprouted quinoa and algae protein with DHA and ARA?”
Romance offers can be made on all products, services and opportunities of network marketing. It requires a bit of creativity.

Romantic packaging is repackaging the complex into the simple. Use pop-culture language to make it sizzle and sound sexy. Go beyond benefits to focusing on the what is it about your products and opportunity which can shape the prospect’s life.

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