How to deal with lack of Spousal Support in Network Marketing

Speak Frankly to a Non-Supportive Spouse

Sooner or later someone on your team will have a lack of Spousal Support. And a non-supportive spouse makes network marketing tough!

It would be good to know how to deal with a difficult wife or how to deal with a difficult husband who won’t support network marketing.

“Network marketing can support a very rewarding lifestyle only if both spouses are in agreement and have an understanding of the other’s positions in the business.” (See “Spousal Support in Network Marketing” by Donna Fason).

It is important to speak frankly to a non-supportive spouse about network marketing and the reasons their spouse is involved.

The Two Ways of Handling a Non-Supportive Spouse

How to handle a husband or how to handle a wife who is adverse toward network marketing is a matter of being a person of action and frankness.

Let’s deal with a real-time scenario.

You’ve been in network marketing for ten years. You’ve joined six companies in ten years and each time you expect different results. You have someone who would like to be a supportive spouse. But from their viewpoint all they see is a person who doesn’t have much stability.

If you’re going to come home from a new network marketing company that you’ve joined that night and throw out some spill, “I’m going to accomplish this and that and we are going to be rich,” you need to go do this and that and become rich. Words and actions are important.

It is important to know that your spouse is not there to support you in everything that you do. Your spouse can provide support only if you act upon what you believe. If you believe this new network marketing company will make you rich, act upon and become rich. If you believe it will buy that new home for you family, act upon it and become successful where you can build that new house.

You’ve heard the story of the boy who cried “Wolf” too many times too often when it wasn’t real? When the bad wolf did come and he cried for help, no one came to his rescue.

Your non-supportive spouse is seeing you cry wolf too many times and frankly doesn’t believe you.

Go out and accomplish great things that you say you’re going to accomplish in network marketing. Your non-supportive spouse will see you are serious and come to believe and support you.

What happens when you have a spouse who isn’t supportive at all? When you have an unsupportive wife or an unsupportive husband nag you about everything you do in network marketing, no matter how much you are successful, then this is the time for frankness.

Let me illustrate.

You’ve been in network marketing for ten years. The first two years were rough. Not much success was achieved. Your spouse rags on you daily for getting involved in this “scheme.” Starting the third year, you start pulling in a couple of thousand dollars a month. You’re not rich but it’s a start. Your spouse sees the money, spends the money and still gives you fits about network marketing.

What do you do?

You need to sit down and evaluate the situation. Ask yourself, “How supportive has my spouse actually been of anything that I’ve done?” “When I first got involved with this person, did they support me when I got that new job, when I bought our first car together, or when I got my first raise?” “They’ve never supported me on anything.”

If they did not support you or even if they did but now give you a hard time over anything you do, have a sit-down with them.

Speak frankly to them. “I love you. I’ve looked back for the last fifteen years of our being together” “You’ve never supported me on anything that I’ve done.” When I got that raise, you nagged me.” When we bought the car after we both agreed on it, you found one flaw after the other.” “Here is what I am going to do which will reward both of us.” “I’m dead serious about it.” I’m not sure of where it will end or how I’m going to accomplish it, but this will change our lives for the better.” “I’m going to do what it takes to make it work”

Be frank, be bold, and be real, that deals with a lack of Spousal Support. Act upon what you say you will do, and that non-supportive spouse will start believing. When they do not support you, be upfront about why you are doing it and how you will do it despite the odds against you.

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