The Best Voice Message to Leave for Prospects

What is the best voice message that you can leave for your prospects? The best voice message which you can leave is the one getting them calling back?

New distributors in network marketing have an excitement about them. They tend to speak fast, loud and with eagerness. Many new team mates listening too much to television advertisements believe talking to a prospect about network marketing is pitching them.

They might think a best voice message to leave is something like this:

“Hey Joe, Dale here. I’ve gotten into this ground floor opportunity. It offers a new car program, travel vacations to exotic places, and makes you extremely rich. Give me a call back ASAP. I know you will be perfect for this.”

Sounds like a sleazy car salesman, doesn’t it?

The Best Voice Message to Leave

What is the goal of leaving a telephone voice message? Is it to scare them off or get them calling you back? Good voicemails are getting the prospect calling you back wanting to know more.

The best voice message to leave is something like this:

“Hey Joe, Dale here. Call me back at your earliest convenience. It’s greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon.”

That’s all you need.

Should you qualify them? No! You don’t qualify someone in a voicemail. You qualify prospects when you are face-to-face or speaking to them directly by phone.

The best voice message is simply letting them know you called. Nothing more to it.

So, two voicemail options to leave a prospect – pitch them or just let them know you called.

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