How to turn 'Losers' into 'Winners' in Network Marketing

When turning losers into winners, think marketing. Think of what will attract people to take a serious look at your network marketing opportunity.

What better way to market than to use the idea of losing and winning as a theme.

When you sell health and wellness products, turning losers into winners is the perfect advertising technique.

So what could you do? Simple! Make a contest for LOSERS.

Announce that anyone who is considered a winner or loser can enter, but they must have two qualifications.

  1. They must own a losing lottery ticket.
  2. They must want to lose weight to become a winner.

Hold a drawing and give away a month’s supply of diet or energy products to the winner.

Turn Losers into Winners

If you want to get plenty of word-of-mouth advertising and publicity about an innovative winners or losers contest, make the campaign more interesting. Hold the drawing at the local pastry or donut shop or pizzeria.

Advertise with this headline: “If winning was easy losers would do it!”

  • If you sell skincare products, how about a “Lose those wrinkles” contest?
  • If you sell travel services, how about a “Lose those winter blues” contest for people who hate winter.
  • If you sell health and wellness products, how about “Lose the tiredness” contest or “Lose 5 lbs.” contest?
  • If you want to promote your business opportunity, how about “Lose your boss” contest?

Losers into winners are made when they compete against others who want to stop being a loser with a contest. They’ll start feeling like a winner.

Remember to market. Remember, turn losers into winners through contests. I am not a loser. I am a winner. Which are you?

Let’s all be winners and not losers in network marketing. Let’s put aside signs of a loser in network marketing and make ourselves winners in all we do.

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