Words of Commitment from the New Distributor that Convert to Money

Failing to get words of commitment from the new rep to buy a product after joining the company makes most sponsors cry. It’s a merry-go-round experience. They get nowhere fast.

George is a great shaker and mover. His recruiting habits put most seasoned veterans to shame. He speaks to four people a day and recruits forty people a month. At the end of the month he is ready to receive his check. George receives a check for $100.00 when he should have received one for $10,000.00.

George is a true recruiter for network marketing. He is horrible at getting commitments. He stops short of getting words of commitment to buy the products. He leaves the new distributor alone to make his own decisions. No commitments to buy equal no money.

George leaves a price list for the newly recruited distributor to look over. The new distributor has no sense of urgency or need to buy. George leaves the decision to buy in the hands of the new distributor This is a horrible mistake.

Failing to Get Words of Commitment to Buy

The commitment by the new rep to buy is very important. Without volume, your bank account will decrease.

There are three reasons for not getting words of commitment to buy products.

  1. We are addicted to the sale.
  2. We are afraid.
  3. We like the easy way out.

We get so excited over the new rep that we forget about committing the prospect to buy the products. We pack our bags and head home. The distributor has cooled his heels and sees no need of a commitment to buy anything. The moment is lost. We became addicted to the sale and fail to commit to the long-term outcome.

Many times, we are afraid to ask for words of commitment. We fear the backlash from the new rep for asking him to commit to a monthly autoship. He might change his mind about being a distributor.

Other times, we like the easy way out. We would rather suffer pain and agony than to get the new rep on a monthly autoship or buy anything past the registration fee.

Most of the time, we are just afraid to get words of commitment.

Getting Words of Commitment

When is the most opportune time to get words of commitment to buy product and sign up for autoship? At the initial presentation when the prospect is enthusiastic.

Many distributors wait on a cooling off period of a few days to ask the prospect to buy. They don’t want to jeopardize the initial registration fearing the new rep will not want to buy or worse…renege on joining.

Let’s look at the logic of it.

You have just signed up a new distributor with a registration fee of thirty dollars. You’re excited. He’s excited. You ask the new rep for words of commitment to purchase product and sign up for a monthly autoship. You tell him to set a couple of recruiting appointments and attend the next big rally.

The new distributor replies, “If you think I’m going to spend any more money and attend any meetings, you’ve got the wrong guy. Give me my money back.”

What did you ever gain from this guy? It is to your advantage to find out NOW if you have a good new distributor before spending any time training him. You’ve saved yourself time and money.

We have everything to gain and nothing to lose by getting the commitment right away at the initial presentation.

Don’t take any commitment. Take the commitment upfront by the new reps to buy product, sign up for autoship and attend meetings and events. Commitment is money.

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