Your Warm Market List

Who is right for a Product approach & who is suited for the Opportunity?


Differentiating your warm market list, you place your warm list into two groups. Typical for those who see you a friend without leadership qualities. Atypical for those who see you the leader and professional following me without question.
Ray Higdon a master of network marketing came up with the division of your warm market between typical an atypical. The division is differentiating your friends and family into those see you the leader and those who do not. Approach each group differently and success is more assured.
95% of my warm list see me typical. I approach them in a different way than those who see me atypical.
Differentiating your warm market list, you solve the problem on how to approach family and friends about network marketing.
Problem and differentiation strategy: Seeing you as typical poses a problem for most of your warm market. They won’t follow you approaching them with the opportunity. You don’t have leadership qualities for them to follow.
Solution: Product differentiation. Lead with the product.
Script used on those who see you Typical.
“(Name), I’m in a great health and wellness company. I know it is not for you. I do think you would love the products. We have great products for losing weight and regulating sugars and hormones. I know you’ve been wanting to lose 20 lbs. since Thanksgiving and it’s affecting your blood sugars. Try these products and let’s get you to your ideal weight and balance out your sugars.”
The warm list which sees you Atypical? Opportunity differentiation. Lead with the opportunity. They will follow.
Script to use on those who see you Atypical.
“Hey Jennifer and Rob. How’s it going? Just curious, what are some of your thoughts about network marketing which you have? I’ve thought about it a lot and I think it would be a “hoot” (“fun”) working together with you two. Being a teacher (name the occupations of each) and an engineer (name the occupation) gives you both instant credibility. Who wouldn’t want to work with you two with your energy and drive? You two are a natural.”
What about differentiating your warm market list when you’ve been in multiple opportunities? Multiple opportunity differentiation. Lead by authority.
You’ve been in several network marketing companies. None have been successful. XYZ is your newest venture in MLM. Everybody knowing you sees you meandering with no stability in the industry. Product or opportunity won’t work.
You can’t lead with the product. You can’t lead with the opportunity. Your experience with multiple companies makes you the authority. Lead by authority.
The script:
“You and your wife know that I’ve been researching the field of MLM quite carefully. In fact, to become extremely knowledgeable over the last few years, I have enrolled in several different companies to learn from the different experts. Well, I’m happy to tell you that all the analysis has paid off. I’ve mastered enough about the industry to pick the best organization that allows people to earn $30,000 to $50,000 a month in the shortest amount of time. I’ve spent a lot of time, money, and energy doing my homework and now I’m so excited I seem to be losing sleep every night. I need to see you as soon as possible to find out if you would be interested in earning this kind of money.”
Differentiating your warm market list, solutions are three. Lead with the product. Lead with the opportunity. Lead by authority. Differentiation marketing strategy has three new scripts and three new approaches solving the problem of your warm market list.

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