What excites prospects and causes emails to go viral?

Great subject lines!

How easy it is to hit the delete button of messages with bad email subject lines.

People quickly judge their emails by:

  1. The veracity of the person who sent the email.
  2. The email subject lines.

Your reader first looks at the name of the person who sent it and second at the subject line. If the person who sent it is recognized by the reader, the email is opened. If not the email subject lines are scrutinized and either opened or tossed in the trash bin.

Email subject lines sift the level of interest that a reader has. If the subject line is salesy and impersonal, the email is one click away from deletion.

Email Subject Lines to Avoid

Great email subject lines can be a stressful step to take. It must be personal and engaging. It cannot be boring or too long or too short. It must not trigger spam filters causing the email to by-pass the reader.

Opening lines for email to avoid:

  • Additional income
  • Double your
  • Home based
  • Income from home
  • Money making
  • Opportunity
  • While you sleep
  • Be your own boss
  • Earn $
  • Show me the money
  • Expect to earn
  • Home Employment
  • Make $
  • Online biz opportunity
  • Potential earnings
  • Work at home
  • Compete for your business
  • Earn extra cash
  • Extra income
  • Home-based business
  • Make money
  • Online degree
  • University diplomas
  • Work from home

For a thorough list refer to “Email Spam Words to Avoid”.

Your email is competing against a hundred others. What makes your email stand out above the rest? Why would the reader open your email over somebody else?

The subject line in the email is the first offensive line to plow through the muddle. It is what makes or breaks you. Make it count putting other emails in the rear-view mirror.

Writing email subject lines includes things that are appreciated, personal, indicate existing relationships and speak to the reader’s pain and problems.

Email opening lines must be appreciated. “Thank you” or “Thanks” is always welcomed.

“You,” “Your” as part of email subject lines are personal ways to effectively connect to people.

Building on catchy subject lines for email marketing, “monthly” and “account” indicate an existing relationship.

It’s about the reader and not about yourself. Solving the reader’s pain and problems or appealing to his self-interest connects with them.

Here are some examples of good email marketing subject lines:

  1. Your Weight Gain Cessation: Learn How to Lose 11 lbs. in 7 Days (personal and solves a problem).
  2. Thank You for Trying the New Rage of Hollywood – The Exciting New CARB-BLOCKER (appreciation and solves a pain).
  3. The Monthly Tip to De-stressing Your Body (indicates existing relationship)
  4. Take a Fairytale Vacation to Jamaica on Our Company Time and Money (appeals to reader’s self-interest)
  5. The Broke College Student Guide to ALWAYS Having Date Money (being about the reader).
  6. Where to Find Money Just Trying Our Products (self-interest).
  7. Where to Eliminate Credit Card Debt Now (solving a problem).
  8. Food Lover’s Secret to Suddenly Slim (solving a pain).
  9. Account to No One About Money Again with Our Three-Step Approach (assumes an existing relationship).
  10. What Your Bank Does Not Want You to Know (personal connection).

Email Subject Lines Revealing Too Much

You want the subject line of email to peak interest without revealing too much. Reveal too much and the motivation to open the email is lost.

Email subject lines are to tease and give a brief preview of what is in the message. Giving the whole message in the subject line is an email not worthy of sending.

We’ve heard the expression before, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” Why should your reader open your email when they’ve gotten the entire message in the subject line? Revealing everything they need to know in the subject line robs the motivation to click through.

Examples of email subject lines revealing too much:

  • How About Free Weight Loss Products for 36 Months – Learn More About the Best Network Marketing Company on the Market.
  • Drop 11 lbs. in 7 Days with This NoCarb Thermal Tea from the Heart of the Amazon Rain Forest.
  • FuXion: The Greatest Network Marketing Company in the World.
  • The Secret to Paying Your Mortgage Off Faster with this Out-of-the-Box Approach.
  • Smart Moms Work from Home with FuXion.
  • Need More Money but Not Another Job? Try This Network Marketing Company.
  • Make Your Boss Hire a Replacement When You Quit After Three Paychecks with Us.
  • Lose Your Belly After Trying TermoTe Fat Buster Hot Teas.
  • Keep Wrinkles Away an Extra 20 Years with No-Age Wrinkle Skin Cream.
  • Apprentice Millionaire Wanted for Upstart Network Marketing Company.

These email subject lines make the reader yawn while his finger is on the delete key.

Great Email Subject Lines

Let’s create curiosity, peak interest and give a preview of what is to come with some good lines in the subject.

Examples for Network Marketing:

  1. Travel the World and Still Get Paid. Learn How…
  2. Thank You for Trying Weight-Loss Trainer in a Box.
  3. The Three Good Reasons for You Not to Work for Your Overpaid Idiot Boss.
  4. The Secret to Working Part-Time and Living Full-Time.
  5. Accountability is Leaving Your Boss a Goodbye Note.
  6. Here is How to Make Your In-laws Jealous.
  7. The Ten Biggest Career Mistakes You Can Make on Your Job.
  8. Never Be Embarrassed by Your Checking Account Again. The Secret Revealed…
  9. Attention: If You’re Afraid to Leave Your Job, but Want to Earn More, then Read This.
  10. Don’t Die on the Job. How to Quit Early.

Some email subject lines express gratitude and thankfulness. Others speak in personal terms. Connections and relationships are revealed in a few. Most importantly, we make the subject line about the reader and not about ourselves.

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