Taking Surveys and Recruiting Prospects for Network Marketing

Recruiting prospects from taking surveys guarantees a qualified leader on your network marketing team. It guarantees success for your business.

Imagine a fully qualified network marketing prospect approaching you and saying,

“Hi! Jimbo here. I am more than happy to join your team. Here is a list of 15 of my hot buttons. Meet them, satisfy them, and set up a time to sign me up. I am willing, ready and able.”

What a gift. Create a survey online or for print and give it to a prospect and you have the gift of giving handed to you all tied up in a bow. No persuading. No selling. No strong arm high pressure. No defending your industry or product. Just an easy-to-sponsor presold prospect at your “beck and call.”

Taking surveys rewards you with unlimited, qualified, presold prospects for your network marketing business.

Taking surveys by prospects allows your best features and benefits to stand out. You create market research surveys with prospects checking off items of interest. The best features and benefits checked off are saying to you:

“Tell me more about your business opportunity. I’m especially interested in how your $2,500.00 bonus program works. I’d like to know how to find an extra $2,500.00 tax deduction…how you can help with ridding myself of debt. Show me how to make $3,000.00 month part-time Tell me how to lose 28 lbs. in 30 days and sharpen my mental clarity. Tell more about your great opportunity and products.”

Prospects taking surveys offer everything to you at your fingertips needed to recruit and convert successfully. “Tell me more and I will buy or join” – the prospect mantra. Wow!

Create a Survey Online or for Print

Money making surveys are found all over the internet. Some or illegitimate. Others won’t pay what you’re worth.

Why not create a survey online or for print paying you what your worth by the quality of prospects you recruit?

Here is the easy-to-follow technique:

The Heading:

  1. A sentence of introduction.
  2. Three benefits of the opportunity.
  3. Three benefits of the products.
  4. What the prospect receives for taking surveys.

The Heading Example:

“Our business is designed with many benefits and features (“Introduction”). From helping you pay off your credit card debt (“Opp. Benefit 1”), buy a new home (“Opp. Benefit 2”), make $5,000 a month part-time (“Opp. Benefit 3”) to melting that middle age spread (“Prod. Benefit 1”), enhancing athletic performance (“Prod. Benefit 2”) and reversing aging skin (“Prod. Benefit 3”), whatever your needs and wants, we can help. We’d like to send you additional information on areas which interest you. Fill out the form and take the 3-minute survey and we will make sure you get the information you seek (“What the Prospect Receives”).

Example of the Survey Created:

Write down all the features and benefits about your program. Make each feature and benefit an item and put them in survey form. By each survey item offer the options “No Information Please” and “I’d Like to Know More about this Feature” for the prospect to check.

  • How to drive a new bonus car year after year with no monthly payments.
  • Where to save $250 a month on coffees, teas and sodas.
  • How to add an additional $500 a month part-time income.
  • How to double your monthly retirement income.
  • The three warning signs that your family is in serious financial jeopardy.
  • How to get paid for recommending things you like.
  • How to lose 23 pounds in 23 days without dieting.
  • How to reverse aging skin by 10 years.
  • What products to use to enhance athletic performance.
  • How to regain mental clarity and fine tune the brain.
  • Where to find an extra $1500 a month bonus money.
  • Where to find $2500 tax deduction every year.
  • The three biggest ways to get rich in 2017.
  • How to make your business give you the free time to be with your family.
  • The best way to have a luxury vacation six times a year with all expenses paid.
  • Why a highly-desired repeat product can be the key to financial security.
  • The one business you can start part-time, without jeopardizing your present job.
  • How to have a career that’s fun – where you’ll never have to go to work.
  • The insider’s secret to having your own business.

The features and benefits excite the prospect in a non-offensive way.

Put the survey online or by print in a brochure and post on blogs, landing pages, Facebook and other social media sites, or hand out at meetings, gatherings, luncheons, or at the end of an opportunity and product meeting. This list goes on.

Prospects check off the things that interest them and you know exactly what your prospect wants you to know. Zero in on their hot buttons and desires.

A True Online Survey showing how to do a survey for network marketing is found HERE. Take the survey yourself.

Where to create online or for print surveys? Survey Monkey and Opinion Stage. Excellent places to create your own individual surveys for your nich market.

Taking surveys and recruiting prospects with no fuss …no muss …no pressure and everything to gain. Have prospects take surveys and watch your business grow.

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