The 9-Word Email to Activate Old leads!


The 9-word email will activate old leads for your network marketing company and flood your email inbox with buy and join offers.
Tired of buying new tire-kicker leads which end up in the junk pile?  Why get sales leads by buying them when old leads will make you a ton of money? A dead lead activated is a lead saving you money.
Network marketers call new leads and spend at least ten-minutes asking questions to qualify them. Another day or two is spent getting them to look at a presentation. The new lead spends fifteen-minutes seeing a video presentation only to conclude they are not interested. Money and time is wasted. Your time and cost for each new lead equals $15.86.
Spend time reviving old leads with the 9-word email originally created by Dean Jackson “I Love Marketing.” Cost equals zero. Whether you have a group of 100 or 100,000, time spent is 30-minutes for the entire group of old leads.

The Outcome for Old Leads with the 9-Word Email

Looking at old leads, put them in groups of 100 rather than focusing on a single individual.  What is the outcome for these 100 old leads?
Three possible outcomes:

  1. They buy right away.
  2. They buy at some later time.
  3. They don’t do anything at all.

No other outcome is possible.
With the 9-word email your outcome will be one of the three possibilities for the 100 old leads.
Increase the 100 old leads to 1000. The outcome is the same.
If the 9-word email revives 29% of the 100 or 1000 old leads, you increase 29% of your buy and join ratios. More new reps and buyers equal more income.

Send the 9-Word Email to Old Leads

You’ve heard that the money is in the lead follow up. Whether two-days after initial contact or two-years later, the lead follow up is the most important skill to develop.
Steps to send the 9-word email to old leads:

  1. Purchase an autoresponder subscription.
  2. Gather the details of the old leads.
  3. Import the old lead list into the autoresponder
  4. Send the 9-word email.

(1). Purchase an Autoresponder Subscription

An autoresponder automatically generates messages and sends them to an email address.
An autoresponder is so common with most people, not a lot of time will be spent on them in this article
I recommend one of three: Mail Chimp, AWeber or GetResponse. Setting one up is easy and there is instruction on how to do it inside the program.
For those who have a blog, you may have your own autoresponder installed. Make sure it can import subscribers.
The 9-word email will be composed within the autoresponder

(2). Gather the Details of the Old Leads

Gather up the names and email addresses of all your old leads. Include family and friends and cold market leads. Anybody who has not been contacted by you in the past six weeks to sixty years is to be included.
Put them into a CSV file. Microsoft Office or the free service Google Docs can create the file.
You may already have it in a CSV file. If you bought a lead list from a lead generation company, they can be downloaded into a CSV file.

(3). Import the Old Lead List into the Autoresponder

You import the CSV file through the “Add Subscribers” section in the autoresponder. Some autoresponders will default the list to be confirmed and verified. Set the autoresponder to not send out a confirmation message.
The size of the list will determine the cost per autoresponder. If you’re on a tight budget, keep the number of subscribers imported to a minimum allowed for the cost.

(4). Send the 9-Word Email

The 9-word email is simple.
The from line is your name (Dale Moreau)
The subject line is the “Hey” or “Hey (FIRST NAME).”
The body is only 9 words…more or less.
“Are you still looking at getting into (Insert Your Service)?”
“Are you still looking at getting into a home-based business?”
“Are you still looking at getting into a six-figure income?”
“Are you still looking at getting into a weight loss program?”
“Are you still looking at getting into network marketing?”
“Are you still looking at getting your college education?”
“Are you still looking at getting retirement income before the age of 45?”
“Are you still looking at getting rid of credit card debt?”
“Are you still looking at getting that dream vacation?”
The email signature and ending:
“- Dale” (Your First Name ONLY).
Example of the 9-word email:
From: Dale Moreau
Subject Line: Hey Jim
Body: “Are you still looking at getting into a home-based business?”
Signature: -Dale
No phone numbers. No contact information. No links. That is all you put into the 9-word email.
Why the format? It creates curiosity. The prospect wonders why the email and why are you asking? If they are remotely interested they will respond.
Notice that some examples are more than 9 words. The number of words is not the issue. The issue is it keeps the message short and creates the spirit of inquiry.
Old leads are revived with the 9-word email. Curiosity is peaked in the prospect and response is swift. Several old leads become new customers and new reps.

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