Why Retirement Plan B for Baby Boomers is Network Marketing

Why retirement plan B for baby boomers is network marketing? It’s the economic volatile final years of the baby boomer’s retirement income.

“Retire early” for ‘boomers’ began to not be available in 2008, as they began to reach retirement age.

A retirement plan B away from the norm is sought by baby boomers. Network Marketing is the life-saving row-boat. Retirement plan B is network marketing.

Why retirement plan B is network marketing?

76 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 are facing a meltdown of their deferred compensation. Members of our generation (yes, I belong to the boomers) are desperately trying to whip the retirement dragon of financial uncertainty. It’s a losing battle.

The question of “how much to retire” by boomers since the market crash of 2008 has been reduced to “how long to retire.” How long to retire by the market takes years. Network marketing takes months. How much to retire by the market is a few thousand dollars a year. Network marketing is a few hundred thousand dollars a year. No other retirement plan can do better for baby boomers. No need further to ask why retirement B for baby boomers is network marketing.

Why Retirement Plan B for Retirement Planning is Network Marketing for Baby Boomers

Why retirement plan B for boomers is network marketing? Choices have been limited to two for retirement planning. The market or network marketing.

The market is unstable with its ups and downs. You’re up 20 points on Tuesday and down 50 points on Wednesday. Some days are stable. Other days are up. A few days are down. Many days are awful. The hypes of retirement plans are built on the false hopes of the market.

Network marketing is the only constant which goes up in down markets and higher in up markets. Income starts out low and progresses steadily upward in five years by putting your nose to the grindstone. Working the network marketing business now guarantees a bright future.

The achievement of retirement planning by the market is forty-five years. Financial planning for retirement with network marketing is achieved in five years or less. No hype is needed and residual income created by network marketing provides a lifetime supply of money in the bank account …it never stops.

My personal retirement plan? Not the market. Not the hype. Not social security. Not my less than stellar pension. It’s residual income from network marketing. And I achieved it in less than five years.

Why Retirement Plan B Works for Baby Boomers when It’s Network Marketing

Fox Business News says thirteen percent of working adults will never be able to retire before age 68.

Most retirees of 2016 have very modest incomes.

  1. 85% of people 65 and older get social security checks of $1,300 a month.
  2. 63% of retirees rely on assets of $1,542 per month for retirement income.
  3. 32% have pensions of $2,200 a month.
  4. 23% of older Americans have work income averaging $2, 083 month.
  5. 7% of veterans are getting public assistance for veteran’s benefits averaging $1,500 monthly.

Network marketing average income for those who work hard and stay with it for five years is $256,000 a year …$21,333 a month residual income.

Why Retirement Plan B for baby boomers is network marketing? Because it works. Because it is beats the market. Because it is the constant for retirement planning. Because it’s residual income. Because without it, retirement sucks by any other means.

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