Notes from Dale Moreau's 20th Podcast:

9 tips for conducting great Network Marketing Home Meetings

This house run podcast offers 7 things to do for making a network marketing home meeting effective in converting prospects into new reps and customers.

7 Multi level marketing tips for an effective meeting:

  1. Start & end meetings on time; when you start let everyone know when it will end & make sure you stay on the schedule (this is critical).
  2. Practice the presentation & timing; if this is not done the presentation is almost guaranteed to run-long and contain a lot of distracting UMMs as the presenter thinks of what to say next, which is very bad.
  3. Arrange the seating as you go; do not put out a lot of seats before hand (everyone tries to sit in the back), you can add seats for late comers.
  4. Nominate someone to welcome people & handle seating the guests; this sort of “Sargent at arms” is preferably NOT the presenter.
  5. Give a proper introduction; the intro is preferably conducted by the “Sargent at arms” and introduce the topic and the speaker.
  6. Presentations should be positive; do not use “doom & gloom” presentations. Instead present how your guests can live better or be healthier or both.
  7. Allow time for testimonials; make sure the people giving testimonies have practiced them and that they “stay on script”. Max time per testimony is 30-seconds.
  8. Q & A is after the presentation; as much as possible (without being rude), only allow questions after the meeting.
  9. Employ a 3 choice close.

The above are general tips from both Dale Moreau & Smiling Steve™ as to how to better conduct home meetings or home parties. There are some rules as to how to conduct Hotel Briefings and zoom or webinar meetings that are different to home party meetings.

In addition , there are tips that are specific to your meeting that will differ depending on what you are presenting. So we cannot supply that information but the tips above will help.

If you want your home meetings, hotel briefings or zoom meetings to be more effective, use the Contact form and let us know. We would be glad to help you improve them.

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