Does it take money to Make Money in Network Marketing?

It is a good question; “Does it take money to make money in network marketing?”

When Dale Moreau wrote this post in March of 2018 he concluded that you do. Here is his post and my comments will be at the bottom (Smiling Steve™):

Starting out handicapped by money in network marketing is crippling. You cannot operate very far in life without money. Why operate network marketing without money and enough capital to make it work?

Some network marketing companies claim the opposite. They claim, “Join us. No money is required.” The problem with most of those companies is you end up working for them or promoting one of their products over which you have no control and do not own. That’s not network marketing and certainly is not being honest with the prospect.

Making money without money is as hard as making baked Alaskan without an oven.

So, do you need to money to buy products? Yes. Do you need money to buy books and training material enriching knowledge about network marketing? Yes. Do you need money to make success? Yes.

The beauty of network marketing is it takes little money to invest to make a lot of money to spend.

Money into network marketing is as little as $100.00 to $2,500 for products or services with minimum risk and high returns.

Network marketing companies have a minimum membership fee from $20.00 to $50.00. Products and services are not required. Without products, however, you want get far with making money. With them, they open avenues of believability and trust with prospects. Money makes it happen.

One can come into my company with a minimum of $30.00 for the membership fee and start with $150.00 up to $1,000.00 in products. It takes another $100.00 for incidentals required toward making a business operate (pens, printer, paper, clip boards, brochures, pamphlets, books).

Do you need money to make money in network marketing? Yes, yes, and yes.

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