4 ways to ruin Network Marketing for your Prospect, even before they get started!

Don't do these things under any circumstances.

There are 4 ways to totally kill your prospect’s interest in Network Marketing. This is what not to do.

Any of the 4 may be enough to ruin the potential of our industry for a prospect. So, please, learn what not to do and then, if you can help it, dont do any of them, ever!

A story of the four things not to do … add some hyperbole and you have yourself a story with a point.

Vick is new to network marketing. Ten invited friends and neighbors show up at his first home party. He’s excited.

Guests arrive finding a dirty truck outside in his drive way. Maybe he was at a “mud-wresting for truck-rally.” They say nothing aloud and pass it off.

His sponsor greets his guest at the door. Vick is missing.

He appears 10 minutes later. He overslept and his hair shows it. Some notice Vick’s breath. “Did he brush his teeth,” they say to themselves.

Others notice he is poorly groomed, and has crumbs on his shirt …must have been the pizza from the supper an hour earlier.

Vick has a habit of using colorful language. He uses it frequently before women, God and children. He thinks nothing of it.

Adding fuel to the fire, Vick argues with one of his guests about network marketing.

The party is successfully executed by the sponsor. It looks like a success. It ends in utter failure. No new customers. No new reps.

Vick violated the four things not to do with prospects.

  1. Poorly groomed appearance (doesn’t have to be a new suit, just groomed well) and a dirty vehicle (doesn’t have to be new, just not dirty)
  2. Being late
  3. Bad language and bad breath
  4. Speak badly about other network marketing companies

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching. It doesn’t matter if your selling. It doesn’t matter if you are prospecting. These four things cannot be violated. If you do, the people you approach won’t believe you and trust you. They won’t buy and they won’t join.

Success in network marketing is saying not only the right things …it is four things not to do which helps with success. Any network marketing system which does not follow the rule of these four things will fail.

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