The highly effective & Rejection Free way to get Difficult People to look at Network Marketing!

Richard Brooke, author of Mach II with your Hair on Fire, shared this tip for handling difficult people about Network Marketing rejection free.

Most distributors when handling difficult people will ask a tough prospect something like: “Would you take a look at this business opportunity and see if I should do it?”

This usually brings up a negative review from the listener when dealing with difficult customers or prospects.

Instead, when handling difficult people, ask them this question:

“Would you tell me how to become successful in my new business?”

What a great difference this question makes when handling difficult people about network marketing.

The question calms the fear of rejection in Network Marketing. You are more likely to get a positive response and interest by using this question.

And did you notice that there was only a small change of a few words.

Many distributors give up and say that Network Marketing doesn’t work. Maybe they were only a few words away from success. With this question they have a strategy for dealing with difficult people.

Saying the wrong words chases prospects away. And it never teaches new reps on dealing with difficult people that they encounter in their Network Marketing careers.

Now, when handling difficult people, be polite. Be kind to them. Don’t let their drama pull you into their negativity.

There are times when you need to walk away. There are other times when we need to answer a difficult and tough prospect.

No one likes to be rejected. And we need to learn how to handle rejection in network marketing. We are not accustomed to rejection because we live in a bubble where we sit in our comfort zone each day.

The problem with this comforting bubble is we don’t grow. To grow we need to reach outside our comfort zone. We need to learn the art of dealing with difficult people and situations.

Just understand that you will have to deal with difficult people in Network Marketing.

So our question, “Would you tell me how to become successful in my new business?” helps us get out of comfort zone rejection free with difficult people.

​Handling difficult people is a matter of knowing the right words to speak. Do you have any suggestions?

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