How to Build Your Network Marketing Downline in a Foreign Market?

You do not need to speak the language to do it!

Take Germany as an example, without knowing the language, how do you build a network marketing team there?

Or, Brazil , how do you do it when you don’t know speak German or Portuguese?

Knowing how to build your downline in foreign markets is important in the age of internet leads and prospects. Internet leads and prospects come from spots all around the globe. Most network marketing companies and online network marketing businesses are in foreign markets. Most network marketers have little or no foreign language skills to build a downline in foreign markets.

My MLM company is found in thirteen countries with fourteen products and a compensation plan beating the competition. Seventeen new countries are opening for my business this year.

Your downline MLM in foreign countries may turn out being the most powerful legs of your team which you can have. Knowing how to build your downline in each of those countries without speaking the language is important to the survival of your business.

How to build Your Downline in Foreign Markets Conventionally with Trepidation 

You live in a small-town Kerrville, Texas and your company just opened in Spain. How do you build a down line in Spain when you don’t have a single lead in that country and you don’t know “Espanol” (Spanish)?

Let’s look at traditional ways network marketers do downline marketing in foreign countries.

You know little about how to build your downline effectively in Spain. You buy MLM leads with some names, addresses, phone numbers of potential opportunity seekers and network marketers in Spain. You contact them directly spending lots of money and time. The results? Nothing. These cold leads in Spain can’t speak English well and communication breaks down. They end up learning nothing about your opportunity hanging up on you. They don’t trust you and they certainly have no reason for trusting you.

After failing with contacting them by phone, you get the bright idea of flying to Spain and personally meeting these people. You buy an expensive ticket. You fly to Spain and aggressively stalk strangers and force them to listen to your opportunity presentation in English. This doesn’t work since everyone knows Spanish with your disadvantageous in their language.

You can go on Facebook and other social media sites begging, pleading and bribing foreign prospects into your business. You may get one or two into the business but network marketing recruiting of foreigners through social media fails 98% of the time.

How to Build Your Down Line in Foreign Countries Easily

We need to find prospects who understand us and trust us. We need local prospects who have contacts in Spain. Ugh …you say …where am I to find local prospects who know people in Spain? Glad you asked. Be a creative mind. Try these two methods.

Biz opp leads in Spain are just a visit away to your local restaurant specializing in Spain’s finest cuisines. Visit some of the local restaurants in your town that cook Spain’s recipes and cater to people from Spain. Buy a fish bowl and offer to place it near the cash register. Ask the manager if customers can place their business cards in the bowl to win a free lunch.

Once a week have a drawing from the fishbowl with the winning card. You not only create great rapport but you build a list of people to announce your company’s opening in Spain. Certainly, some business people from Spain will have contacts and help with building your downline in the country.

How about this method on how to build a team in network marketing in a foreign country?

Go online checking the list of associations that cater to people from Spain. See if there are local websites in your language specializing to people from the country. It could be newsletters or a local newspaper. How about cooking schools specializing in Spanish cuisines of Spain? Check out Facebook groups catering to people from Spain and speak your language.

How many countries could you apply this concept? All of them. Imagination is a great thing and a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Mailing list and airline tickets cost money and time, lots of money and lots of time. Failure is high with both.

Restaurants found locally and associations that you find online cost very little. Your chance of success is high and failure is low.

How to build your downline is easy with a little imagination and very little cost. I build my downline by creative thinking both in domestic and foreign markets. How about you?

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