How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting.

Ever wanted to know how to overcome the fear of prospecting people and make them feel comfortable around you without rejection? You can by removing yourself from the picture and calming prospecting anxiety.

No, I’m not talking about making yourself physically absent. I am saying you can literally set the mood beforehand by making the prospect feel it is all about him. Fear that is overcome before meeting the prospect is fear without rejection during the meeting. Its about how to overcome fear of people.

Focusing on the prospect is the best way of how to eliminate fear. It’s how to overcome the fear of people. The steps to overcome fear are simply focus all your mental energy on serving the prospect.

The Mental Exercise on How to Overcome the Fear of Prospecting

Try this mental exercise before you meet with or talk to your prospects by saying this to yourself. It’s one of the best prospecting methods before the meeting that you can do for yourself. These fear-calming techniques are ways on how to overcome anxiety naturally.

“I want the prospect to feel comfortable.”

“I want to help the prospect.”

“I want to answer my prospect’s questions.”

“I want to give my prospect confidence that I am here to help him get started.”

“I want help him on how to overcome the fear.”

“I want my prospect feeling better about himself during and after the meeting.”

“I want my prospect knowing I care.”

“My obligation is letting the prospect know about my opportunity. The rest is up to the prospect.”

You beat your fears of prospecting by focusing your thoughts entirely on your prospects and leaving no room for fear in your mind. It’s easy to do, and you’ll feel better about yourself. This is how to overcome anxiety and depression about prospecting that some new distributors get. Focus on the needs, wants and desires of the prospect.

Chanting affirmations and staring at your vision board simply cannot replace doing these mental exercises.

Simply believe your only service to the prospect is to inform him of the opportunity and help him with making a decision by laying choices before them. It is up to the prospect to make the decision if now is the time to improve his life or not.

Removing yourself from the picture mentally is how to overcome the fear of prospecting.

Need some words for the prospect with helping you on how to overcome the fear of prospecting?

Try these for prospecting tips:

“This may not be for you.”

“Timing is personal. It is up to you to decide when you want to move forward.”

“Here is what we do. See if it is a fit for you.”

“What would you like to know first?”

“What would you like to know next?”

“Would you like to hear how others handled that problem?”

How to overcome the fear of prospecting is simply by affirming in the prospect’s mind that you are there for them. Overcome your fears by overcoming yourself and making it all about the prospect.

It’s the only way of how to overcome fear and anxiety about prospecting and meeting people.

Why fear comes in mind? Because we make it about ourselves and not about the prospect. How to overcome the fear of prospecting with good results? Beat fear by removing yourself from the picture and focusing on the prospect and his needs. It’s how to overcome the fear of anything you do with prospecting.

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