How to Penetrate the Rough Exterior of Tough Prospects so you can show them Network Marketing

Would your business explode if you knew how to penetrate the rough exterior of your tough prospects so you can show them your network marketing presentation?

Tough prospects are really the easiest people to reach when you have a few skills and some know-how.

This works well with your warm market or someone locally near you. Challenge your team telling this:

“I’m going to get you a presentation appointment with your ten tough-as-a-bear prospects. Write down the names of the ten best prospects who you have not been able to get an appointment.”

They’ll be thinking to themselves…

“Yea, right! If I don’t know how to penetrate any of these ten, what can he do? I know these prospects. They ain’t going to budge. If only this challenger really knew how to penetrate my toughest prospects, I’d be rich.”

Network marketers need to think differently than the rest. They need thinking outside the box.

Most network marketers would give up after the prospect turns down the presentation.

We need to think differently. How do we think differently on how to penetrate the rough exterior of our prospect and get through to him?

Every prospect has this one gnawing desire: “What’s in it for me?”

They want themselves being the center of attention.

Let’s make them the center of attention.

Send a mock front page of a newspaper with your prospect in the headlines saying, “To the World’s Best Listener.” One can be found at the “Funny Newspaper Generator.” The other is the “Free Newspaper Generator.” You can insert pictures and the result will look like this:

“Dale Moreau is the World’s Best Listener. His presence is needed listening to what might help him have more time with his kids. To take family vacations all expenses paid. To fire his boss and walk away with a fortune. Would you grant us an audience?”

Pick out some of the things you know about the prospect and highlight those in the mock newspaper.

And you can easily do this with an online program called the “Newspaper Generator.” It’s a free program making a newspaper with whatever message you want to include. Generate the file online and send it to the prospect.

You also could send the mock newspaper with an invitation to a link to watch your online video or hear a sizzle-call with a phone number. Endless possibilities exist. Finding how to penetrate the rough exterior of prospect with network marketing is easy with this one tool alone.

Not only do you get the prospect’s attention, you get an immediate audience just for being different.

Another way on how to penetrate the rough exterior of the roughest prospect’s façade is send a travel video with a note saying, “I’d like to show you how you can take a vacation like this six times a year all expenses paid.”

One last tip on how to approach a tough prospect rejection free about network marketing… Most network marketers will approach a tough prospect like this: “Would you take a look at this business opportunity and see if I should do it?” – once again, everyone does this and we want to be different standing out from among the normal.

Approach the tough prospect like this: “Would you tell me how to become successful in my new business?” – a slight change in words but most effective and different from all others.

How to penetrate a prospect’s façade is easy when you think outside the box.

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