Network Marketing is Like a Big Comfortable Easy Chair; Always Soft & Always Secure

Podcast #3 by Dale Moreau

The following are the podcast notes for Dale Moreau’s Podcast #3. At the bottom of the page is the link to the podcast.

My name is Dale Moreau, your host. 

I want to thank you for joining me today. 

This is podcast 3 “Network Marketing is Like a Big Comfortable Easy Chair Always Soft and Always Secure”

You know, I am so thankful for network marketing. 

Network marketing is like the big easy chair that you have in your home with big soft cushions. Always comfortable and always secure. It is there for you whenever you need it. With it, you just relax and take off your shoes, lean back and enjoy. 

Podcast 3 looks at the characteristics consistently showing up in network marketing and creating the rich lifestyle of comfort and security for the people embracing it.

These characteristics earn you the most money and create the best relationships.

What are these magical characteristics? I’m glad you asked. 

(1). Dreams are Made into Reality

Ever get caught day dreaming…dreaming about what you could have if only you had enough money. You dream of a better house instead of the one you now live in…if only the car you drive now was the new Jaguar you really want. Going on vacations you dream of but flee from reality because of the lack of money.

Network Marketing makes dreams into the real. We adults have stopped dreaming. We have let life snatch away our dreams and turn them into nightmares. A boss nagging you for not doing enough work. An unsupportive spouse. Crushing debt drowning your day.

Dreamers take notice. Network Marketing restores your dreams and turns them into real objects of firing your boss, ridding yourself from crushing debt and restoring the loving relationship with an unsupportive spouse. 

It lets you go on vacations on a whim without worry of cost. It lets you have retirement security in five years instead of 40.

Dreams come true are dreams fulfilled by network marketing.

(2). The Opportunity Overcomes Adversity

The opportunity of Network Marketing meets adversity and difficulty head-on and overcomes it. 

If you have more money than difficulty, difficulty fades into insignificance. 

Think of what you can do with money. Not the love of money which is the root of all evil but money meeting the challenges of life.

Can’t send your kids to college because money is not there? Network Marketing creates a secure lifestyle providing all the money necessary for your kids to have a fulfilling and productive life at college.

Can’t purchase that special expensive gift for a loved one. Network Marketing provides a continuous income making possible for you to buy any gift without putting a dent into your bank account. 

Network Marketing provides money through the sharing of what you love with other people loving the same things for a profit. Not a wage but a profit. 

As Jim Rohn once said, “Profits are better than wages.”

(3). Network Marketing Builds Conditions of the Heart

Network Marketing builds heart in people of putting their all into other people. 

Here is a principle. The group is better than the one. 

Sounds something like Spock of Star Trek would say. 

I can do great things on my own. But with the power of the group, I can do better things. 

Building a team of like-minded people sharing the things you love for profit makes both you and them a fortune. 

That’s why I invest myself into building a team. I want both my team and myself making a fortune.

With fortune comes dreams made true and adversity conquered.

Here is the link to Podcast #3:

Network Marketing is Like a Big Comfortable Easy Chair Always Soft and Always Secur

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