Our Job Description as Network Marketers

What is our job description as Network Marketers? We are in the “closing business” and nothing more. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Our job is to get people to make a decision to buy our products and services, or to join our business. That is it. 

Nothing more than that.

We are not to educate prospects. Our companies don’t pay us to educate people who don’t buy or join.

We are not in the presentation business. We don’t earn commissions on prospects who don’t buy or join.

We don’t get paid for making lists of prospects, calling for appointments, sending strangers to watch videos, having relatives listen to audios, sharing and caring, reading brochures to bored prospects, handing out endless samples until we are bankrupt.

What is Network Marketing all about? 

The only thing we get paid for is… getting “YES” decisions from our prospects. 

It is our job description as Network Marketers. 

If I was to go to a job interview, I would put Network Marketing experience on resume is closing.

Until we brace this reality, we will waste hours of doing activities that don’t lead to “yes” decisions.

No matter the types of Network Marketing companies, they pay you to get more “yes” commitments than “no’s.”

We only have 20 seconds for prospects to make “yes” decisions. In the first 20 seconds after meeting us and opening our mouths, prospects know if they want something from us or not.

Want some examples of our job description as Network Marketers that get prospects to make “yes” decisions?

—“I help lifestyle active people to live longer and look younger while getting an extra paycheck. Would you like to know more?”

—“I help families get two extra paychecks. Would you like to know more?”

—“I show families how to get lower utility bills, so they have more money for other things. Would this be useful for you?

—“I market weight loss teas, coffees and shakes that help you lose weight one time and keep it off forever. Is this something that sounds interesting?”

—“I help retail clerks start a new career so they never have to work weekends again. Is this something that you would like to talk about?”

This is the new way of selling…. It is a lot easier than trying to push your products, services and opportunity on people.

Give them a statement-benefit about your products and opportunity, and ask them if they are interested about knowing more.

So, our job description as Network Marketers is to close. Nothing more than that.

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