"Fueling the Flames of Enthusiasm
or Extinguishing the Dying Embers!"

Notes & link to Podcast #6

This is Podcast 6: “Recruiting: Fueling the Roaring Flames of Enthusiasm or Extinguishing the Dying Embers.”

A lot of people get hung up on recruiting. The minute the new prospect signs the form, the sponsor says “recruit, recruit.”

They start out joining network marketing with big ideas until the rubber meets the road realizing they must recruit someone into the business before money is made.

That’s when it all falls apart especially for new reps. 

Enthusiasm is fueled after joining and then it is extinguished by their own fears and mental-roadblocks in recruiting. 

Let me waylay some of your fears and roadblocks that you might have about recruiting.

There are four tips about recruiting you must know.

(1). What is recruiting, the meaning of recruiting?

Recruiting is sharing something that you value helping you solve a problem with someone else to value equally with helping them solve a problem.

I have something that helped me and I want to share it with you to help you.

Do you know we recruit all the time without thinking about it?

You hear a friend say that they have headache and what do you do? You recommend aspirin. 

Someone new to your town whom you meet says, “I need to find a grocery store in town?” The first thing popping up in your mind is the local grocery store that you shop at because they are the best prices in town. 

You recommend things you value and that help you to other people wanting help by the same values.

That ought to take away some of the sting about recruiting in network marketing. 

Sharing the opportunity is something that helped you pay off your credit card debts and you want to help someone else pay off their credit card debts by the same opportunity.

Your diet teas or coffees or drinks worked for you with losing 38 pounds and you want to share it with someone else wanting to lose weight.

(2). Growth generates enthusiasm in recruiting and mediocrity extinguishes. 

Growth generates enthusiasm. People get excited when positive things happen. 

Everyone wants to associate with winners. 

So, to produce growth in our organization, all we have to do is bring in new people. 

That’s the only way. 

It is next to impossible to rejuvenate “old distributors” once they have drifted into mediocrity. 

Modern science is without a cure.

Training and rallies only give them a one or two day “hype,” but nothing to sustain growth.

Let me throw out this suggestion on flaming enthusiasm by growth.

Run a contest with your distributors to get more distributors in your organization to produce product volume.

The prize is secondary. People don’t do contests to get a prize. They really do contests for recognition. 

So, have a prize for the rep bringing in the most distributors but by far give recognition and pour it on. 

The more distributors a rep brings to the table, the more product volume is made. 

(3). There are two of us and one of them.

What happens to Jane meeting a stranger by your side? Does Jane get sidetracked by stories and events or about family? Or does Jane act polite since she doesn’t know the stranger?

Recruiting is similar. Recruiting is a group affair. Having someone by your side makes the other person act differently making them more friendly to listen with what you have to offer.

So, if you are afraid of prospecting, have your sponsor or someone in your group by your side. It makes recruiting easier on you and the prospect. 

(4). You can’t change nature. It’s just the way it is.

You need not be addicted to the outcome. 

Some REPS will simply not recruit. That is the way it is. 

Other REPS will recruit. That too is the way it is. 

Jim Rohn said it best, “We can’t change nature. The same wind blows upon us all.”

Simply understand the rep. not recruiting will be the rep. who falls by the wayside and withers away.

Other reps recruiting will grow and enthusiasm grows with it. 

Which would you do? Fuel the roaring flames or enthusiasm or extinguish the dying embers of growth?

I want to thank you for taking time out in your busy day listening to me, Dale Moreau, your host giving away tips and techniques making network marketing work for you.

Until next time, signing off and have an awesome day recruiting and hope to see you on the better side of success.

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