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This is Podcast 9: “Rejecting Network Marketing with Boiling Anger Feels Like the Cataclysmic Rain Storm Pounding the Sand.”

When a person whom you love or respect rejects Network Marketing it can feel cataclysmic to someone who is new or relatively new in network marketing. 

Boiling with anger about network marketing and casting it upon you is not a pleasant experience by anyone in our business. 

Rejecting Network Marketing with boiling anger is like the pounding of the sand by an angry storm.  And you are the sand. It doesn’t feel good at all.

I just came off recruiting this morning in my local town recruiting someone whom I’ve admired since a kid. 

Telling him about my story with network marketing lit a fuse under him. 

He boiled over with anger and accused me of being in a pyramid scheme and out to steal everyone’s money.

I was caught off guard but it was the way I reacted that matters. 

If I was not skilled in handling circumstances like this, I would have reacted with anger and made an absolute fool of myself.

But being skilled in how to deal with angry prospects, I did not react but set out with resolve. 

And this resolve that I wish sharing with you today is a set of four strategies on dealing with angry prospects.

(1). Understand It is Not Your Fault. It is They Who Have Limited Beliefs

They are the ones with misconceptions about network marketing. 

You know they have limited beliefs when they say,

  • Is this MLM?
  • Is this one of those things?
  • Oh, a pyramid scheme…
  • I don’t want to bother my family and friends about it.
  • How much are you making?

When people react whether in anger or sarcasm, you’ll find 99% have no clue of what network marketing is all about.

Their knowledge comes from a friend of a friend of another friend. 

Or, they read some negative thing about network marketing on the internet without considering the validity of the source. 

If you can muddle your way into the conversation of an angry prospect, neutralize his anger with this,

“I see you have a story. I would love hearing what your story is about with network marketing.”

And then Shut up and let them tell their story. 

And they are going to do one of two things. 

They will realize they have no story and shut up. 

Or, they have a story and will vent.

Let them vent. It neutralizes their anger breaking down their defenses and making your presentation more palatable. 

(2). Your Job is Not to React but Resolve.

One of the marks of a leader in network marketing is the ability not to react to bad situations but resolve them. 

Don’t approach the situation with a Pollyanna fantasy that all we need is to hold hands and sing Kumbaya. And everything will be alright. 

No, it won’t.

Leaders spend time in front of QUALIFIED prospects. Amateurs spend time in front of anyone and everyone. 

Decide if this is qualified prospect – angry and all. And be a leader. 

Drop the non-qualified saying, “this is not for you. Thanks and will see you later.”

A qualified prospect is one who has potential and can make business boom. Is a go-getter and self-starter with leadership potential…

If the prospect is qualified say, “Would it be okay if I talked with you at a more convenient time?”

They most they will say is, “yes” or “no.” 

If yes, you are in. If no, move on. 

(3). Control the Situation by Tone and Confidence.

This goes together with resolving a bad situation by a professional.

Do not match them in tones of anger but meet the situation with a tone of calmness and confidence. 

They get angry. You don’t. They yell at you. You speak calmly and with respect. 

They throw whatever darts they have in their “dart-arsenal” and you throw back whatever you have in my “professional arsenal.”

It makes you a cut above all else, and they will respect you.

(4). Say This…Feel/Felt/Found

“(First Name of Prospect), I know what you mean. I once felt like you with beliefs that limited me. I was so busy in my job working 70 – 80 hours a week that I had no time for family or friends. Vacations were out of the picture for me…time spent for vacations was a luxury that I couldn’t afford. Making six-figures a year, I still had no money paying bills. I was angry at the world and myself. I wanted more out of life. So, you know what I did? I found a way with network marketing and it is the best decision that I’ve ever made. Let me ask you something…if you really felt this was a chance for you to take control of your financial future, do you think you could find a way to make it happen?”

I hope you enjoyed this podcast about handling anger of a prospect over Network Marketing.

I want to thank you listeners for taking time out of your day for this podcast. 

Dale Moreau, your host with food for thought and insights into network marketing making it work for you signing off hoping to see you on the better side of success. 

Listen to the podcast;

Podcast # 9

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