Too Much Rest & Not Enough Labor in Network Marketing Diminishes Reward

Too much rest and not enough labor when doing projects in network marketing will erode reward and produce excessive mediocrity.

When should labor cease and rest begin? Or, rest cease and labor begin?

For example:

When recruiting for network marketing, how hard should we work at it? How much time off should we put in?

How much time should be devoted to learning and training and time off doing things other than network marketing?

A motivated person needs not ask these kinds of questions because motivation is its own reward… too much rest erodes into being below average and diminishes reward.

What we decide about the rightful ratio of labor to rest will establish a certain work ethic. The work ethic is the amount of labor we commit to making a fortune.

Network marketing preaches part-time work for full-time wages. Devoting a minimum of 12 – 15 hours a week to network marketing creates an income of four times of what is made with a job. Making it part-time in network marketing only works when you dedicate yourself to a full-time work ethic.

The effects of resting too much is it produces what is below average at the sacrifice of excellence. Rest should only be a necessary pause in the process of preparing for what we do in labor. Study, learn and get prepare during rest. Too much rest without activity is nothing more than excessive sleeping and the lack of motivation.

A full-time work ethic working part-time means being at training classes, webinars, and home meetings. It means taking time out of your day for learning by reading and studying. It means taking time to prospect and recruit and follow-up. It means coaching and training the people that your recruit.

Can all that be done in 12 – 15 hours a week? Yes, it can.

The magic of network marketing is that devoting yourself part-time will produce the kind of income allowing you to go full-time without sacrificing your freedom. Produce enough income for other people and they will produce enough income for you.

Too much rest at the sacrifice of a full-time work ethic punishes us into mediocrity.

Too Much Labor

Each of us must select the time to rest. Too much rest is not a good thing. Too much labor equally is not a good thing.

People were made to work six days a week and then rest. Life cannot survive without rest to regain strength and repair the bodies. The key is to prepare a proper ratio of rest to labor.

That is why network marketing works, Part-time working 12-15 hours a week in network marketing allows you to work full-time at your job meeting the ratio of rest and labor.

Spend eight hours Monday through Friday working full-time at your job. Spend another 2 hours Monday through Friday working network marketing. Saturday allows you another five hours devoted to network marketing with enough time for rest Monday through Sunday.

Too much rest and the weeks take over the garden.

Too much labor and we lose our strength.

The balance between rest and labor is in the motivation and reward that sustains us. Making a fortune for the bigger picture is the reward worth pursuing. Need motivation for network marketing. Finding your WHY for doing network marketing finds your external motivation.

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