Witty Responses to the Excuse Send Me Your Link and I Will Think About It

Ever wanted to know some witty responses to the excuse “send me your link and I will think about it.” You get that from prospects who like putting you off.

There are powerful witty responses on how to handle this excuse.

When a prospect tells you, “Send me you link, and I’ll think it over,” they are really saying “goodbye” to you.

You will never hear from them again.

Prospects are programmed to make excuses. They cannot help it.

Our job as Network Marketers is to deprogram their minds.

How? Trained words of course.

Most amateur Network Marketers will say something like, “What’s there to think about?” Or, they will cave into the prospect and send them a link.

It really does not carry a punch. It will not rewire the prospect’s thinking.

They will quietly vanish off the face of the planet and remove all traces of themselves from any database searches (a bit exaggerated but you get the point).

Professional Network Marketers know this excuse is a programmed response. They refuse to give in to the prospects’ demands for a link.

It requires special words which pack a punch to jolt prospects out of their trance-like state.

Witty replies to I’ll think about it are nothing more than words spoken just right to jar the prospects’ minds.

What are some witty responses?

Here is a good I want to think about it close.

“You are probably tired and bored with collecting more information from links. So, if you are ready to actually start building a business, when would be a good time to start? Or would you rather put off building a business for a few more months collecting links?”

What is the prospect going to say? You’ve totally thrown them off their game.

They are ready for the comeback, “What’s there to think about/” And they are even more accepting when you send them a link.

They are not prepared for something to make them think.

They will have to answer two questions. “When would it be a good time to start?” Or, “Would you rather put off building a business for a few months collecting links?”

It will dig out of them the real excuse.

Think that one might be a bit too harsh?

How about one of these witty responses?

“Obviously, you have a perfectly good reason for wanting a link to think about it. So, what it is?”

Or, this one:

“It sounds like you have something on your mind that I haven’t yet addressed. So, what is it?”

These two witty responses get to the heart of the problem. It makes them reveal more about their problem.

Now, you have three witty I want to think about it rebuttals. You don’t have to coward with fear or give into the prospects’ demands for a link. You have what it takes to make the prospect think and give you answers.

Maybe you have some witty responses that you’d like to share. Please do in the comment section below.

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