Win the War of Words; Agreement Neutralizes Verbal Conflict

Ever wanted to know how to win the battle with prospects by winning the war with words? Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict.

Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict by winning the battle of wits. The prospect refuses to listen. He is thinking about what to say to object to your message. When he doesn’t listen, it could get very ugly.

Agreeing with the prospect’s negativity neutralizes him and his objections. How can he fight someone who agrees with him?

Let me illustrate the types of conflict,

I am talking to a prospect about network marketing. He is resistant to the message. I could say to him,

“I only have time for serious players. Are you serious?”

What will be his reaction? It will start a verbal battle that you will not be able to win. Agreement neutralizes verbal conflict over the battle of words.

Let me show you a way neutralizing any objections he throws your way.

“No one knows how to do a business before they start. Sometimes the first step is the hardest.”

Instead of participating in verbal conflict, I find common ground with the prospect. I create rapport with agreement and avoid conflict.

Other Words Creating Verbal Conflict

Don’t be antisocial. Trapping the prospect and manipulating him is being antisocial.

Here are forms of conflict in phrases to avoid,

“So, you want to get started now or continue procrastinating?”

“So, what is it going to take to get you off your duff and make a decision today?”

“Now, you made a promise you will watch this video, right? You are a person of your word and keeps his promises, aren’t you?”

“Winners win. Losers procrastinate. So, what’s it going to be?”

“If I could show you how to start earning that income today, would you be ready to commit?”

“You told me you wanted a business. Now you are hesitating. Is there something I missed?”

“Are you in, or are you out?”

A Word of Agreement Neutralizes Verbal Conflict

Focus on what the prospect and you have in common. Talk about what you agree upon, neutralizing the kinds of conflict in communication,

“Well, we hate how jobs take up so much of our time?”

“Everyone wants changes to improve their lives.”

“It is certainly hard work getting by on two paychecks a month.”

“Control of our time is important.”

“Life doesn’t last forever.”

“There will never be a perfect time to start.”

“I felt the same thing when I first saw this.”

“Most people have the same concerns.”

What agreement neutralizes verbal conflict? Focus on what you agree upon now. It is the foundation to build your relationship and team.

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