“What do you
do for a Living?”

Using the “I Show People” formula to effectively answer this question.

What is your answer to the question about what do you do for a living that compels the person who is asking with wanting to know more about network marketing?

Most of us get tongue tied with a what do you do reply. We stammer and stutter with a what do you do meaning about network marketing.

What do you do for a living? “I’m in network marketing. We have this great compensation plan where there is a breakaway from your upline when you reach a certain PV volume and you get a big fat bonus check. Do you want to find out more?”

Doesn’t that answer just grab you and cause you to gag from the excitement about joining?

We answer the question without exciting anybody’s curiosity about wanting to learn more. They back away in haste.

What Do You Do for a Living Best Answers

What is your what do you do for a living answers about network marketing? Learn the formula for answering the question.

The formula is simple.

Take all the benefits of your network marketing company and list them. Include the benefits for your business opportunity and all your products and services.

Add the benefits to the simple formula “I show people how to…

What do you do for a living?

“I show people how to have four paychecks a month instead of two.”

“I show people how to drive a new car every year with no money down and no monthly payments.”

“I show people how to rid themselves from all debt in 90 days without taking away any money from their present jobs or careers.”

“I show people how to buy a new home without a mortgage.”

“I show people how to retire in five years instead of 40.”

“I show people how to go on dream vacations six times a year first class with full pay from their part-time business.”

“I show people how to look younger by 10 years in three days.”

“I show people how to lose one lb. a day starting from day one.”

“I show people how to burn fat and reduce that middle age spread by six inches in two weeks without dieting.”

“I show people how to sleep restful every night without harsh pills and medicines.”

“I show people how to rid themselves from dangerous levels of toxins in their body without chemical laxatives.”

“I show people how to stop the flu and summer colds dead in their tracks without vaccines and prescriptions.”

Those answers are much better for the question about what do u do for a living? than grasping for straws with an answer that sends people running across the street without looking both ways at traffic. What is your what do you do for a living best answer?

Want some more answers?

What do you do for a living?

“I show people how to fire their boss with full pay.”

If you have a skin product, you can say,

“I show people how to feel like their sixteen years old again and without the acne.”


“I show people how to feel sixteen years old again with better judgment.”

Here are some more answers for the business opportunity,

“I show people how to quit their jobs and never go back.”

“I show people how to have a part-time income that doesn’t interfere with their family or social life.”

If your network marketing company sells products to help with enhancing mental clarity, to parents of children I would say, “I show parents how to turn their children into prodigies and geniuses.”  To grandparents I would add, “I show grandparents how to turn their grandchildren into geniuses.” To everybody else, I would say, “I show people how to make their minds young again with razor sharp focus and clarity beginning with today.”

Here is some what do you do for a living funny answers: “I show people how to divorce their husbands so that they can support them for life” – it’s kind of a strange answer but it works. Or, “I show people how to get their wives slaving at home with raising the kids and cooking and loving every minute of it.” – a great what do you do funny reply.

The point is that you want to find the answer that works for you. If you try one answer and several people back away, you’ll want to trade that answer for something else until it does work.

How to Setup People to Ask You the Question  

If you want 3 – 4 people a day to recruit into the business, you can get them to ask you about what do you do for a living.

Merely, ask them about what do they do for a living?

You may be at the grocery store or in a long line and you see someone and say, “I’ve seen you around for a while and what do you do for a living?” Most people will tell you about what they do for a living without being offended. They enjoy talking about their work.

After they finish with telling you about their job and career, what do they normally do? They turn to you and ask, “By the way, what do you do for a living?” You now have the chance to give them your benefit statement.

What do you do for a living? I show people how to get into their own part-time business using sweat-equity instead of using large amounts of capital. Now I ask you – so what do you do for a living?

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