Can I Tell You a Secret about Storytelling in Network Marketing?

Can I tell you a secret? The country western singer George Strait wrote a song Love Without End, Amen. It starts off with, “Let me tell you a secret about a father’s love.” Then he goes on to share the secret… the story about a daddy’s love for his children without end.

It’s a great song and speaks at the heart of the secret to delivering powerful and persuasive presentations.

The secret to a great presentation is stories. Successful presentation skills rely on telling great stories.

What makes a average presentation great? Well-crafted and presented stories. They help get our message across without sounding like we are preaching. Stories are the “Trojan Horse” that sell the message and idea, while packaged in the form of entertainment.

The best secret I ever learned when I first started Network Marketing was to help people see themselves in the stories of others. To see the highs and lows. And to see the potential they have for transformational change.

Their habits, their attitude, and even their thoughts were easier to influence with a good story. They get the lesson and feel they taught themselves.

Storytelling Secrets 

Storytelling secrets are strategic ways to create stories we can retell for maximum impact.

Let me tell you a secret about secret stories. Who can resist?

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Any story that begins with this opening will grab the prospect’s attention.

Let me show you some examples.

“Can I tell you a secret? Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about losing weight. I just lost an uncle who died with a heart attack from being overweight. I just found out a secret product that helps you lose 15 pounds in 8 days, so I have no more excuses.”

“Can I tell you a secret? I think the economy is in the toilet and affecting our future incomes. When I was growing up companies took care of their employees and guaranteed their pensions were secured. Today, you never know if you are going to have a pension left after working 40 years. This is why I got into a homebased business.”

“Can I tell you a secret? When I was a teenager, I had a problem with energy and was tired and run down. It didn’t matter what I did, nothing could help. Even doctors gave up with their pills and shots. I have been that way all my life. Finally, I got the nutritional support I needed with this new secret tea I found. It energizes my body and I look healthy and have more energy.”

Can I tell you a secret? – secrets are the perfect story starters.

Secrets about our lives are personal and powerful. Secrets about other people ar considered “gossip” which is more powerful for grabbing attention.

Yes, secrets are juicy and delicious.

Can I tell you a secret? Speak about the Network Marketing secrets. Speak about peoples’ lives lived through the eyes of others.

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