Podcast # 25:

How to Get Endless Referrals from Family, Friends & Strangers who said NO to your opportunity

I think most of us will agree that time put into any effort that generates a customer or prospect appointment is the most productive time. What if this effort also generated endless referrals too? It would be even more valuable.

So, let’s learn how to get endless referrals from our family, friends, and even strangers who will presell our products and opportunities for us.

One of the best books to advance your referral training other than myself is Bob Burg’s ENDLESS REFERRALS.

I recorded a podcast about this topic, which you can listen to here:

Podcast #25

Mastering the art of generating referrals is about saying the right things. 

“Do you know anyone who would want to make extra money if we showed them step by step exactly how to do it?”

When they mention someone, say this;

“Great. Look give me his name and number but do me one quick favor please. Call him and mention I am going to call and why and I will call tomorrow.

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