How to Set Goals for your
Network Marketing team members

We sit down with our novices or new distributors and ask if they know how to set goals in Network Marketing? Most of them don’t.

Then we ask them to take a piece of paper and write down some goals for their new business. And what happens next?

The new rep takes the paper, takes pen in hand, and stares at the paper and then at the pen. Their eyes glaze over like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.


The new rep has internal programs which work against them. Their subconscious mind is telling them: You don’t know how to set goals in Network Marketing. You’ve never succeeded at anything before.

A flood of failures is flashing before them, and their writing arm freezes and the brain is telling them, “Don’t write anything down.”

Even if you give them examples of smart goals for networking and Network Marketing, they go into a panic.

No amount of logic can change the situation. The subconscious mind is working against them.

So, let me share some network marketing tips and tricks for how to set goals in Network Marketing for new reps.

If the new rep has internal programs working against them, then we need to find a way to make them work for them.

Let’s take a lesson from social media and marketing..

They use the social marketing strategy techniques that trick the subconscious mind using “vision language.”

They get people dreaming…seeing a vision about themselves with and without their products. If they don’t buy the products, the vision is negative. If they buy their products, the vision turns out well.

If we show the new reps how to set goals in Network Marketing by helping them to image what happens if they become the top earner in the business and what happens if they don’t.

Here is a little trick to use:

Imagine that Executive Diamond is the top leadership position in your company and the Bronze Newbie Position is the lowest level.

Tell the new rep this story…

“Executive Diamond is the highest position in our company. They earn $100,000.00 a month. That’s $1.2 million dollars a year. They travel to places we only dream about. They buy cars every year that make most people in their neighborhood jealous with envy. They live is houses that movie-stars wish they could afford. They work 3 days out of the week with 4 off. Their toys are everything from the newest to most expensive high-tech gadgets.”


“Bronze Newbie is the lowest position. It’s okay to be at this position, but here is the world where they live. They make less than $25.00 a month. That’s enough to buy a loaf of bread, some milk, and maybe a quarter ham on coupon day at the local supermarket. They work at their regular jobs 40 hours out of the week and sometime on the weekends. They can only travel when their boss tells them that they can travel. Whatever car they can afford is the car they will drive for the next six years. Their toys are limited by their salary…they might be able to afford a cheap UD TV when it is on sale.”

“So, write down 25 things I am going to do AFTER I become Executive Diamond.”

And watch the fun begin. The subconscious mind takes over and says,

“Of course, I can do all these wonderful new things. I know what I don’t like by being a Bronze Newbie and I know what I want by being an Executive Diamond. If I’m already receiving that much extra money every month being an Executive Diamond, here is my list of goals.”

The limitations by the subconscious mind are removed and it motivates the new rep on how to set goals for Network Marketing.

The new rep starts listing all the wonderful goals and desires deep within their mind.

So, let’s take a page out of social Network Marketing Strategy techniques and show our reps how to dream…how to set goals in Network Marketing…how to envision and how to live their dreams.

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