How to Recruit Online

Finding People on Social Media

I enjoy learning. Learning how to recruit online and finding people on social media with several experts has been a privilege and taught me new skills.

Why should you learn even though you may have a college degree with an MBA and three PhDs? It enhances skills and gives you satisfaction.

Even the experts can learn from someone else that helps them to sharpen their skills and add new ones to their repertoire.

So, we should learn how to recruit people off social media sites from the experts, and Lisa is one with 450 new customers and 100 new reps and making a six-figure income from several businesses under her belt.

She is the queen of recruiting off social media. Creating a social media recruiting strategy is easy with Lisa

Yes, there are social media recruitment pros and cons but the pros far outweigh the cons.

I want to share what I learned.

What are the benefits of using social media for recruiting? It increases your income 10 X over your warm market and other recruiting methods.

Six Steps for Recruiting Off Social Media

I learned from Lisa there are six steps for recruiting people off social media.

  1. Brand yourself.
  2. Build your list.
  3. Build relationships.
  4. Create valuable content.
  5. Ask the RIGHT questions.
  6. Follow-up and close the sale.

I’m not going through each point here. If you wish to learn more about these points, attend her webinar at several thousands of dollars, or buy her online course for a $497.00 one-time payment or three $197.00 payments.

What I am going to reveal here is one technique with social media which will get you instant leads, a boat-load of customers for your products, and 3-4 reps recruited into your network marketing business every week off social media.

Overcoming the Shadow of Myths

There are three big myths about how to recruit people off social media that need to be addressed.

Myth #1: You need a big following before you can make money off social media. That is a LIE.

Myth #2: It takes a long time to build relationships and make money off social media. That too is a big fat LIE.

Myth #3: It takes a long list of people to make money off social media. Once again, a LIE.

You can create a following with zero people. You just need to know the right words to speak.

You can build relationships with INSTANT RAPPORT and have the sale closed on the same day that you meet.

You don’t need a long list because with the right words that I will show to speak, you will build a long list on the same day.

If we can learn just a little bit about how to recruit people off social media, we can be the top earners in our MLM business.

One Technique

What is social media recruitment? It is simply finding candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other Internet sites to find information on candidates and convert them to customers and reps.

Hiring agencies are using social media to recruit employees. We are going to use it to find new reps and customers and build our MLM business.

So, do you think it is important for learning how to recruit people off social media at this point? I hope so.

One social media recruiting strategy that I learned from Lisa was a technique for getting instant leads and creating instant rapport and closing them by the end of the day.

Write this down:

“If I can show you how to _______________ without  _______________, would you want to see it? Type YES below and I will show it to you.”

You fill in the blanks.

Let me illustrate:

“If I can show you how to make $3,000.00 without blogging and doing videos, would you want to see it? Type YES below and I will show it to you.”

“If I can show you how to make lose 30 lbs. by July 4th without having to exercise or going to the gym, would you want to see it? Type YES below and I will show it to you.”

“If I can show you how to take a six-month vacation with full pay without losing your job or interfering with your social life, would you want to see it? Type YES below and I will show it to you.”

All that is required is to add a benefit of your network marketing company in the first blank line. With the second blank line, add two incentives for the benefit along with a call-to-action (type YES).

Add a picture that represents the post because it will get greater numbers of responses.

As soon as you post the message, click the LIKE button under your post. This adds to the algorithm of the social media site.

When people type YES in the comment section of your post, message the people who comment by going to each one’s wall by clicking on the person and type this message.

“Hey ____________ (First Name), thanks for liking/commenting on my post. Check your inbox.”

At this point, send a video, or website or PDF file or whatever information that is available from your MLM company to those who said YES and that explains the product, service or opportunity for which you posted.

One additional trick to do – Go to the person’s wall and find the last post that they made and click LIKE or make a comment about it.

After you get a 2 – 3 people who LIKE or comment on your post with YES, UNLIKE your post and then click LIKE again. If you are running that post throughout the day, every 15 minutes or so, UNLIKE your post and like it again.

Then ask the RIGHT questions to those people who left a YES comment. Though Lisa did not mention the questions outright, here is what I would ask.

“Would it be okay if I share a little more about our business while giving you a few ideas about where you can spend the money?”

“Would it be okay if I share with you a little more about how to lose 30 lbs. while giving you a few ideas about what you can do after losing the weight?”

“Would it be okay if I show you some additional information about what you can do with six months of vacation and the money you will make?”

On the left-hand side of your page with Facebook, you will find a CREATE LIST. Create a list of the people that responded to your post.

By the end of the day, you can close them with “What did you like best about what you saw and heard,” followed by “Sounds to me like your are ready to join or ready to buy” after they tell you about what they liked about it.

That is pretty much it.

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