Learning to Talk about Your Network Marketing Business & at the Right Time

What to say & when to say it!

Learning how to talk about network marketing is important if you want your team to avoid mistakes and ruin relationships and destroy friendships. And, of course, it is not just what to say but also when to say it

  1. Never speak in a group setting.
  2. Build relationships in a group environment for future conversations.
  3. Talk to people individually and away from the crowds.

Too many of your reps will be shut down and maybe driven out of the business by speaking about network marketing at the wrong time.

It would be good learn about how to invite strangers in network marketing and learn some network marketing tips and tricks and skills for making it work for you. It would equally be good to learn about how to approach a prospect in network marketing. I also suggest you learn about how to prospect strangers in network marketing.

The above are notes for Podcast #24, which you can listen to here.

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