Use slogans on Social Media to get great results for your Network Marketing business!

When you have the right slogan, all you have to do is occasionally post it on Social Media and it generates a steady stream of prospects!

Want to learn a social media strategy that works in any business, including Network Marketing? This is a winner . . .

A former popular soy milk used this in their social media marketing. The carton was quite large and near the opening, the directions said:

“Shake well and buy often.”

Not exactly subliminal . . but the well-chosen words generated repeat sales.

Can we do something similar on social media to promote Network Marketing? Big time. In fact, this generates an endless supply of sales or sign ups!

For instance, we might say:

“Since we have a money back guarantee, why not try a bottle of vitamins to see how much better you feel . . ?!

That is an example but can we do something that creates repeat business  at a higher rate? How about this example:

“It takes 90 days to rebuild our bodies. Since we have a money back guarantee, why not take our vitamins for 30 days so you can begin to feel the difference they make?”

Hmmm. Now we are selling a three-month commitment instead of a 30-day supply.

Little changes in what we say can mean a big difference in our business. 

Let us say this about Network Marketing on social media and see how we get our business opportunity across.

Instead of saying:

“Fire your boss.”

Let us say:

“Fire your boss and sleep in often.”

Is there a formula? Yes! Always state a benefit with your statements. 

Another example?

“Commuting to work is no fun. Instead, we can stay at home work when we want to and make $6500 a month!”

When prospects think about driving to work each day, this picture will flash in their minds.

Want another example? Let us say we sold electricity savings. We could say:

“Fill out your request here… and spend your savings wisely.”

The prospect will be think about how wisely he or she spends their money.

We can help our prospects focus on the benefits by choosing our words wisely. Let’s say this about Network Marketing and get great results.

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