Helping People believe Network Marketing is the vehicle to Break Free from their Mundane Life & Weekly Routine

They may not realize their routine is soul destroying!

Most people go through life in a trance. They wake up, prepare for work, commute, work, come home, eat and do it all again. They’re in a rut and they do not know that this weekly routine is destroying their spirit. Making people think about breaking free is hard without the proper words.

They are constantly going through the motions of daily life without thinking.

We Network Marketers can help.

We can remind our prospects that they are in a trance. And we can at least offer then one more option for their lives.

The option? Network Marketing of course.

What is the Secret?

What’s the secret for making people think about breaking free from their mundane routine?

Simple conversation. And… questions.

When we ask our prospects questions, they have to stop and actually think.

Making people think about breaking free is about making mental decisions.

It would be great if they made mental decisions about Network Marketing… where they would say, “Hey! I want an opportunity to take me away from my day-to-day routine.”

What are the questions can we ask for making people think about breaking free?

“I am thinking about escaping from the 9-5 rat race. What about you?”

No pressure. We simply ask if our prospects have ever had those thoughts.

Want to help a prospect with overcoming victim mentality syndrome?

“Hey! How many more days do you have blaming others for putting you in this low-wage job you’re in?”

We simply ask if our prospects have ever had those thoughts. If our prospects agree with us, the rest of the conversation will be easy.

“How many more days do you have before retirement?”

When our prospects start counting, it seems like an eternity. And if our prospects hate their job, the feeling gets worse. We can even enhance those feelings by saying,

“Well, you are only 5475 days away from doing what you want to do.”

How about this I Want to Break Free from my Boss question?

“Does your boss get paid a lot more, yet work fewer hours.”

Or another Got to Break Free from My Job question:

“I don’t want next year to be like this year. I want something different. What about you?”

It’s all about making people think about breaking free.

“I don’t love this job. I do love the paycheck thou. I am thinking about a more enjoyable way to get a paycheck. Ever have any thoughts?”

When We Are in the Rut So Deep

Sometimes we are in a rut so deep, we can’t see out. People mentally “check out” and resign themselves to thinking, “I need more money, so I have to keep this job. I know I got to break free but I can’t.”

What do we Network Marketers do?

We shock them out of their current trances, and help them take a look at more options.

“You know how much we hate this job? I found an escape. I’m taking it.”

What is the first reaction from our co-worker? “Wait! Wait for me! I have to break free with you.”

Making people think about breaking free from their mundane tasks is easy.

“I am going to have a new career next year. My new career will be having five coffee breaks a day, talking to interesting people and traveling while getting paid.”

What is our prospect thinking? “I love coffee breaks. I like to travel. I love having a paycheck. I could have a career chatting with people. Wow! I want in. What do I have to do?”

“We all know this job won’t make us rich. So what is your plan to beat the system?”

“You know, I feel so unproductive driving all the way to work in the morning, driving all the way back home at night. What a waste of my time. My next goal is working from home. What about you?”

What About Products?

Making people think about breaking free with products is easier.

“I am tired of exercising, eating funny foods, starving myself… and having the weight come back. I’ve decided to lose weight one time, and keep it off forever. What about you?”

“Last year we stayed with my mother-in-law and her 32 cats for holiday. This year we are taking a real holiday at a price we can afford. What about you? Feel like taking a real holiday too?”

“I looked at my utility bill last month. You know, our rates won’t change unless we do something about it. I made a change to make my bill lower. What about you?”

What can our prospects say? “This is the way of how to stop being a victim mentality. I can do something about it.”

There is an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

Well that is true unless you add a little salt to its feed.

We can direct the conversation to our prospect’s dissatisfaction. Now a conversation about our Network Marketing business and products can happen more naturally.

Making people think about breaking free with questions leads to a conversation about Network Marketing. It leads to conversation about our products. It leads to building a team.

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