Offering prospects 2 Choices so they make the Right Decision about Network Marketing

We want prospects to make the right decision about Network Marketing without begging or pressure them. And our success depends upon it.

Even though people who say they can’t decide they make decisions every day. So why do they say that?

After all, if they were in the middle of a busy freeway with an 18-wheeler barreling down at them, they would make a decision quickly, right?

So, it is not that they can’t decide . . it’s if they want to decide!!

This is a real learning lesson about the decision making process. But what can we do?

If we want them to make the right choice about Network Marketing, so they have a chance to change their life, we can offer them with two simple possibilities.

This is logical and simple.

It’s presented in a make decisions every day way as an “either” or “or” choice. For example:

“There are two ways to buy things. Either we pay retail or at wholesale prices. Which sounds better for you?”

“There are two types of people in the world. Those that get a word of mouth bonus check in the mail every month and those that don’t. Which is better for you?”

“You can be involved in a risk free side hustle and get paid as much as you want, or; you can accept whatever your boss ants to pay you. Which is better for you?”

“You can help change people’s lives or you can make the shareholders of a corporation rich. Which works better for you?”

What are the two choices to make about training meetings?

“You can be with a company that gives you a mentor that trains you through the tough parts of learning the business, or you can just go out with using trial and error. Which works better for you?”

Car payments?

“There two types of people in the world: those that make car payments and those that don’t. Which group would you like to be in?”

“Is network marketing the way of the future? Yes, it is with two choices. Which works better for you? Putting sweat-equity into a business with a minimum investment of $1,000.00 and making a six-figure net income within a year without the possibility of a bankruptcy? Or, putting several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars into a brick-and-mortar business and making no profit for the next five years with a possible bankruptcy in your 6th year?”

So, the next time that you wonder about what can you do to help people with making the right decision about network marketing, give them two logical choices. One choice is right and the other is wrong.

Making the right decision about network marketing – which group would you like to be in? The group that does not choose network marketing? Or, the group that does?

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