What if we could remove the Fear of Network Marketing for our Prospects?

What fears lurk in our prospects’ minds on social media? What techniques will remove the fear of doing Network Marketing for our prospects?

When we give our “spill” about Network Marketing, the prospect immediately puts up their defenses.

“I need to find a flaw. If I don’t want to do this business, I will need an objection or an excuse to get rid of you.”

To fix this problem on social media, we can tell prospects in a private message that it is okay for them to tell us that our business is not for them. And, they don’t need a reason to turn our business down.

We should do this before we start our presentation.

“Let me tell you about my business. And at the end, you can decide if it fits you or not. That is up to you.”

Now, the pressure is off the prospects. They can relax and listen to what we have to offer.

What other fear does the prospect have?

The cost.

Removing the fear of doing Network Marketing by removing the fear of cost has an easy fix.

Why not tell the prospect how much it cost in advance? Great idea, right?

Here is an example of what we can say,

“Before I show you our business, let me tell you what worries me. When I finish, you will love what you see. But the startup costs might be difficult for you to take out of your budget. Let me ask you, will $1200 or $3.29 a day, less than the price of a happy meal, be a problem for the family budget?”

This opening helps us on many points.

  1. If we wait until the end to tell our prospects about money, what are they thinking the entire presentation? “How much money will this cost?” Now, this won’t be a problem. Our prospects know.
  1. We tell our prospects that they will love what they are going to see. This puts our prospects in a positive frame of mind. Now our prospects are looking for reasons to join, instead of why not.
  1. If our prospects cannot afford $1200, it is better to know this before we start our presentation. If we wait until the end of our presentation to have this discussion, there is too much pressure. If we know there is a money problem early in our conversation, we can talk about options for raising the $1200, or adjust our presentation.
  1. Our prospects feel relaxed. We are honest and upfront by telling our prospects the cost in advance. Now, everyone can relax during the presentation.

When is the best time for removing the fear of doing Network Marketing from our prospects’ minds?

In the beginning, or course.

There is too much pressure on our prospects if we wait until the end of our presentation.

Removing the fear of Network Marketing from our prospects’ minds is a matter of choice. Do we choose at the end or the beginning? I choose the beginning.

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